Top 5 Weighted Blankets To Gift This Winter

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Last updated on August 18, 2021

A weighted blanket is the perfect gift for everyone on your list- not only this holiday, but year round! Give yourself and others the gift of relaxation this year and we guarantee you, no one will be asking for a gift receipt.

In the spirit of keeping things stress free, we’ve rounded up our Top 5 Weighted Blankets you should add to your want, and, gifting lists this year!

1. Gravity Weight Blankets

In 2018, Gravity Blankets was named one of Time Magazine’s best inventions of the year. They proclaim their purpose is to “support and strengthen mental health and wellness for everyone,” and with brand partnerships with companies such as Calm- a meditating app, they seem to be sticking true to their word. The Gravity Blanket boasts a removable, washable duvet with a premium micro-plush cover and is available in sizes single or Queen/King. Gravity recommends a blanket that is 10% of your body weight. Shop Gravity Blankets here! 

2. XL Weighted™ Blanket from Big Blanket

 Big Blankets claim to fame is no doubt, their XL Weighted Blanket. They refer to this as a “2- piece weighted blanket system,” filled with a removable, premium glass bead core and a soft cotton, machine washable duvet. Big Blanket says this is the largest weighted blanket available for purchase, and, they offer a 100 night guarantee. The XL Weighted Blanket is by far the heaviest blanket on our list, but being the largest, that should come as no surprise. Shop Big Blankets here!            

3. Bearaby Weighted Blankets

Bearaby is all about sustainability. They make it their mission to source quality materials and stay away from plastics  and other harmful fillers. These blankets are hand knit and filler free- made of soft organic cotton and breathable tencel. They’re also machine washable! When adding a Bearaby blanket to your cart online, they will invite you to take a quiz to determine the perfect eight blanket for your needs. Shop Bearaby blankets here!

4. Mosaic Patterned Weighted Blankets

   The Mosaic Patterned Weighted Blankets are definitely the most eclectic weighted blankets on our list. Founded in 2011, Mosaic Weighted Blankets offer the option to customize your experience by choosing your own weight, size, and pattern! They also offer webinars on their website to educate customers on the benefits of using weighted blankets. Mosaic recommends your blanket to weight 10% of your body weight for ultimate comfort. Shop Mosaic Blankets here!

5. Nectar Weighted Blanket

Nectar started our as a mattress company, and have since introduced their  weighted blanket, playfully nicknamed the BlanQuil™- half weighted blanket,  half quilt. They offer financing via their website, and, up to a 5 year warranty. Nectar recommends you purchase a blanket that is 8-15% of your body weigh  for optimal comfort. Shop Nectar Blankets here! 

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