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How Does Traveling Help You Become the Best Version of Yourself?

How Does Traveling Help You Become the Best Version of Yourself?

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The age of 18 is a milestone in someone’s life. In many countries this is when a person comes of age. This is when they leave their homes and everything that connects them with who they truly are in terms of where they come from, to explore the world.

Exploring the Word

“Explore the world”. A generic term that understates its deep meaning. It could mean going to university, joining the army, or hitchhiking your way around the world or even searching desperately for a quick booking of an AtoB Helsinki airport taxi. However, and in any case, it doesn’t prepare you for the moments and experiences you are going to have.

Some people have been traveling all their lives, others only during their time at a specific job, while others via books, movies and documentaries. In our humble opinion, traveling, the real traveling, is personal. It’s something written indelibly in you, follows you throughout your life, and uniquely connects you with people and places. And you realize that you hold on to them even as their faces and events fade from your memory. Likewise, with AtoB’s airport transfer experience.

Learning About Diversity

When you were young everything around you had a single and specific way of happening. Everyone dressed and behaved in a specific way, looked the same, cooked in a similar manner, believed in the same god and superstitions, and honored the same traditions.

Then, there came that kid in school who had a different skin color, their lunch was so different and mysterious to you, and they were even speaking a language you couldn’t make a single word out of it and in a “weird” accent no less! The same happened again, on a bigger level, during your time in university, but this time, you were prepared. There were countless cultures and people of different backgrounds, and you wanted to learn everything for as many of them as possible. All you had to do was booking for a private airport transfer.

Traveling is an immersive and “first person” way to achieve such a goal. Obviously it would be both arrogant and impossible for all these different cultures to come to you, so you decided to go to them. You are going to expand your cultural horizons and gain knowledge of the world. Because the world is not the village or city or country that you come from. The world is big and diverse.

Learning About Other People

You learn about the history and way of life of other cultures and you gain a spherical knowledge and deeper understanding of how these people live and behave. What pushes them to act and decide and under which criteria they do so. Traveling opens your mind to diversity and the reality of the world. You are not alone. And AtoB was there to show you the way with their unique airport taxi services.

By accepting the fact that you are not alone, you realize that the term “normal” could not be a term at all. You realize that “normal” is just an expression to describe an average characteristic in a specific geographic region. When you open yourself to the world by traveling and you meet new people, everything is considered normal. Everyone has the same rights, has dreams, fears, and lives and acts in a similar way that you do. Everyone has reasons to be happy and reasons to be sad.

Eventually, by traveling, you realize that everyone on this planet is here to help each other grow. Help each other move forward in life and be there for their difficult times. It’s not only that you make new friends and thus expand your social cycle. It’s deeper than that. Just like the quality of the private airport transfers provided by AtoB.

Learning About Other Countries

And what about the land, the ground you walk on during your travels? After all, this geographic “entity” is the reason for diversity, and the reason why its inhabitants live in a specific way. There are places, landmarks, and structures at the corners and neighborhoods of the world that you wouldn’t believe they exist. Some were there before the arrival of the first men, some were erected by those who came before us, and the foundations of some are being laid now.

Archaeological sites, natural landscapes, structural wonders which are the result of the collective work of human hands, and the list goes on. Travel enough and you may witness a great deal of these magnificent monuments. These are proofs. Echoes of our existence. Our footprint on Earth. They are not contained in a specific geographic region, rather, they are found all over the planet. And they will be here long after we’re gone. Without these, we’re just dust in the wind. Only if you travel and feel their greatness and what they represent can you understand how big of a deal traveling is.

Feelings Gained From Traveling

Who can deny the romance of traveling? Who visited a place and wasn’t moved during their stay there? They might have seen an attractive person or they might have been moved by someone’s decision, god knows how many years ago, to spend their life building something that will last through the ages. There are feelings inside us locked. We don’t know that they are there, and we cannot describe their nature.

And one day you walk in the city of Brugge, and among its canals, cobbled streets and medieval buildings, there is something inside you that wakes up. Your travel beyond the reality of the world and into a land from a fairytale. TV and documentaries cannot make that happen to you.

How You Became Better From Traveling

Some time later you return home. It seemed that you were absent for ages. Maybe it’s true. But you have returned to a different person. People can see it in your eyes and in your actions. You’ve met people, you fell in love, you made friends, you laughed and cried with some of them and you experienced so many things together, that a part of you is still there, with them. You’ve seen great places, places you haven’t imagined existed. You are now more wise, understanding, patient, and peaceful. You start being compassionate and you start helping others. You want to change the world for the better, so you start changing yourself.

You now strive for the best version of yourself. You were very lucky that you have the opportunity to travel to these places of the world. Luckily, you had AtoB airport taxi service to assist you on your quest.

Image Credit: Brugge, Belgium | Elijah G on Unsplash

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