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How to Buy Now Pay Later Universal Studios Tickets with FlexPay

How to Buy Now Pay Later Universal Studios Tickets with FlexPay

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Universal Studios is one of the most exciting vacation destinations. Whether you visit its Florida or Hollywood locations, you’re sure to have a blast! One of the most common questions asked by those seeking to book a Universal Studios vacation is if the park offers buy now pay later options.

Does Universal Studios Offer Buy Now Pay Later? 

The good news is Yes, thanks to FlexPay, you can purchase your tickets and pay for them later, making planning an unforgettable Universal holiday easier than ever!

How Does FlexPay Work

Flexpay puts visiting Universal Orlando year-round within reach, making owning an Annual or Seasonal pass affordable.

FlexPay is the name of Universal Studios Hollywood’s monthly payment option to purchase an Annual Pass.

This program gives guests the choice to enter a contract whereby instead of paying the entire cost at one time, they can make a first month’s initial down payment, followed by 11 monthly payments of a lower amount. 

Does FlexPay Charge APR or do a credit check?

There is no added finance cost (i.e 0% APR) or credit check required. Purchasing a pass for the full price upfront is also still an option. 

Does FlexPay auto-renew? 

Yes, FlexPay includes Auto-Renewal standard on all new contracts. This means at the end of the initial 12-month term the FlexPay Pass Member’s pass will continue to renew monthly on an ongoing basis until the Pass Member cancels it.

No new down payment is required. Members have the option to cancel this feature at any time.

Universal Orlando

Florida residents receive special Flexpay discounts, spreading the payments for their Annual or Seasonal Passes over an eleven-month period. There are four pass options to choose from, each with benefits and discounts; the more exclusive the pass, the greater the included benefits. All passes contain two-park options! Pass options include:

  • Seasonal Pass
  • Power Pass
  • Preferred Pass
  • Premier Pass

After choosing their preferred passes, residents place a downpayment and then pay a low monthly fee.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood Flexpay options work similarly to its Orlando counterpart; however, there are only three pass options available. Passes include:

  • Silver Pass
  • Gold Pass
  • Platinum Pass

You must make your initial downpayment and then a recurring monthly fee for the following eleven months.

Flexpay doesn’t charge interest rates or require a credit check for approval. When purchasing tickets from the Universal Studios official website, it will offer the Flexpay option at checkout, making it a convenient choice. When using Flexpay, your passes will renew automatically at the end of the year unless you disable the auto-renew feature.

To use the Flexpay option, you’ll need a valid credit card; cash and PayPal are not accepted. To choose Flexpay, you must purchase online since this option isn’t available at the Front Gate.

Pay Over Time With Uplift

For non-residents and those seeking a Flexpay alternative, Uplift offers a pay-over-time feature for your Universal Studios vacation. Using Uplift, you can buy annual and day passes, express passes, Universal Resort hotel rooms, merchandise, vacation packages, and more.

How To Use Uplift

Using Uplift for your Universal Studios Passes is simple; just select Uplift as your payment method at checkout, then enter basic information, including phone number, date of birth, and social security number. If approved, you can finish the checkout process, and you’re done! Uplift lets you pay over time without a downpayment, without any late fees or pre-payment penalties. Currently, Uplift is available to residents of the United States and Canada.

Why Use Uplift?

Uplift makes it easy to purchase your Universal Studios passes without paying one large fee. You receive fixed monthly payments with only one interest rate, so you don’t have to worry about incurring multiple interest charges.

Whether using Flexpay or Uplift to purchase your Universal Studios tickets, thanks to these buy now pay later features, planning an unforgettable vacation has never been easier!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.