Updating Your Decor On A Budget

Updating Your Decor On A Budget

My life, and my house, are both full of kids. I may not always have time to clean or update the décor regularly, but I don’t want our home to look outdated. I’ve found that sturdy furniture with inexpensive accents is the way to stay on top of things. It’s not too expensive to update regularly, and if something gets broken or stained, I can replace it easily.

Kids can be tough on your home décor. You have to balance the need for it to be presentable for drop-in guests with the pillow forts, toys, and an entryway that looks like a locker room. Here are a few good tricks to keeping your home presentable and kid-friendly at the same time.

Technology changed shopping forever

I always wonder if a mom invented the Internet. Technology has made my life as a mom so much simpler. I may not be able to get away for an afternoon of shopping, but I can surf the web after everyone goes to bed.

I especially like to look for bargains and catch good sales. Sites like Wayfair have really big sales every three months or so, and if you can combine it with Wayfair coupon codes, you can get a fantastic deal. I can afford a few throw pillows or a cool mirror that can transform the look of a room without ever stepping into a store with my kids in tow.

If you love to window shop, figuratively, most sites allow you to search by room, product type, and style, and narrow things down by your preferred price point. You can mark things as favorites or stick them in a wish list to check back when a big sale comes around.

Stylish home decor can be affordable

I don’t want to break the bank on table linens that will get stained. I need sturdy, durable items that I can trade out for a fresh look. If you shop well, you can replace small accessories to give the room a makeover without changing out your big furniture pieces that anchor the room.

It’s hard to tell online which items are going to be inexpensive and which are poorly made. You don’t want to get stuck with a cheap rug if it turns out not to be what you expected. For that reason, I always seek out retailers with a generous return policy and free shipping. You want a reliable website where the pieces are high-quality and delivered without damage. When I snag an affordable piece of furniture, I want to feel confident that it’s well made and will look as advertised.

Art for every style and budget

As much as I cherish all of the handmade art on my refrigerator, I want some professional artwork on the walls. In my experience, bare walls are an invitation for crayons. It doesn’t need to be a pricey original painting; I look for art that brings me joy and I have found pieces across all styles and budgets on sites like Wayfair. It’s nice to have pieces that add depth or texture and complement the rest of the room.

Find your bargain

It’s hard to balance making a home and keeping house. You want your furniture and accessories to feel fresh and updated without creating an environment where your kids don’t feel comfortable. The way I try to achieve this is to change out the small accessories whenever they feel dated or worn. Shopping online, using coupon codes, and planning for big sales have made this strategy affordable for me. If you add up all my tips, it really comes down to looking for the best online bargains from reputable retailers.

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