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Where to Get Information and Useful Services on World of Warcraft

Where to Get Information and Useful Services on World of Warcraft

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To understand such a not so complex, but rather voluminous project like the World of Warcraft, you need time for independent study, or good services and sites that specialize in WoW mechanics.

By reading resources written by players with experience and knowing all the subtleties and flaws of game mechanics, you will get used to the project much faster and, against the backdrop of success, there will be less chance of leaving World of Warcraft due to difficulties or a damaged character.

What to Read in the World of Warcraft Universe

  • Skycoach
  • Wowhead
  • Wow fandom


Skycoach will be useful for those players who want to qualitatively improve their gameplay by getting additional gold, leveling a hero, training services from experienced professional players, and help in completing Mythic and Mythic+ raids.

Gold and Opportunities

When buying gold, you always run the risk of getting sanctions from the game administration, but if you interact with professionals, then such a deal will be disguised, and the procedure will pass without any consequences. You can buy gold in any quantity with fast delivery.

With gold, you can buy armor, weapons, jewelry and potions and be ready for the Dragonflight update and Mythic+ raids. You can always buy the missing materials for the future crafting of the professions.

Why Level Up

If you want to try out the most interesting and advanced content, you need level 60-70. The MMO system is built in such a way that the first levels serve as training and familiarization with game mechanics. Levels 30-60 are the most morally difficult, since you no longer receive help from the game and must think for yourself where to swing and how to get equipment. Level 60 will bring new content and the most interesting raids and PVP events.

To order a pumping service, you need to transfer the account to the booster and just wait for the order to be completed. The service bears material responsibility for the safety of personal data and allows you to track the status of the order in real time. The booster uses VPN and after the end of the order, you should change the password.

Why do you need to learn the game

If you enter the world of online games for the first time, then you will dive into leveling, selecting equipment and weapons, going to raids and all for the sake of two goals.

  1. PVP – all players spend hours and days developing their character to defeat enemies in battles in the fields and in the arena. Everyone loves to win and no one likes to lose – this is why it is important to thoroughly study your character.
  2. PVE – if you know how to farm, you can earn on your character. It's about a trained and equipped hero who can handle any monsters.

Trainer Skycoach will teach you the mechanics of PVP and PVE, teach you to understand the hero and his true role and behavior in the farm and during the battle. He will analyze the basic skills and tactics in battles.



When you come across difficult content or mechanics in World of Warcraft, you should know that someone has already gone through this path and taken into account their mistakes, laying it out in guides for beginners.

By reading such guides, you will be able to better understand not only the basic actions, say, in a raid, but also learn to analyze the reasons for such conclusions and presentations for other players.

For example, in raids there are a lot of sneaky boss mechanics – a straight line strike and spheres that will pull players into one point. You can easily maneuver between them one by one, but what to do when the boss uses them at the same time? The guide will indicate points and movements in order to prevent fatal damage and, as a result, the failure of the entire raid.

The second good example of the benefits of guides is that World of Warcraft has a developed system of professions and if you study the gathering and crafting craft correctly, you will be able to fully dress your character without any additional investment of gold.

In the guide you will find locations where you can quickly get all the necessary materials and you can create your own weapons, armor, jewelry.


WoW Fandom

When you need to find accurate information about an object, item, monster, boss, or NPC, you need a fandom.

This is a site with detailed information about everything related to WoW in a detailed description in the form of articles

For example, in front of you is a quest that you can take, but it does not apply to mandatory tasks, and it is up to you to decide whether to spend time on it or not.

You will find a general description of the NPC – its history and exact location, look at all the tasks associated with it and whether it issues chain orders that are completed one after another and, as a result, bring really valuable rewards.

Read about the task itself and the phased execution, indicating places and points.

Look carefully at the final reward and if the NPC does not have a quest chain, and the reward itself is reduced to minimal experience, or a small gold reward, ignore it.

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