Verizon Is Overcharging Customers For Data! Here’s How To Check Your Account

Is Verizon Overcharging You?

A couple of months ago, when I got the dreaded text and email from Verizon that we had used over 90% of our data (and the month wasn’t near over), I went to the Verizon website to see which of my kids was the culprit. Poor Macy always gets blamed for everything.

I made Macy make sure she always uses wifi, shutting off the option to use data if wifi wasn’t available. I also made her delete almost all of her apps (I let her keep Facebook, but she always logs out of it when not using). But again the following month, I got the same notification.

So I investigated further on the Verizon website and found that Macy was using data exactly 12 hours apart to the minute every day. Knowing she was working and sleeping at those times, I chatted with the Verizon rep asking if they could tell exactly what was using the data, thinking it an app or something. They couldn’t tell me anything, but said they’d investigate (they’ve never responded).

When I got the notice yet again this week, I researched all of our accounts. Every single account showed our phones using data when we know we weren’t. Oh, I got screenshots to show y’all.

Kim's Verizon Charges

This first one is for my phone, and I am always connected wifi. Notice how it shows that that data is being used at 1:30 am and 7:30 am every day. I guarantee that I was sleeping at those times (yes, I like to sleep in). As for the 1:30 pm and 7:30 pm times, I rarely use my phone because my eyesight still sucks, and it’s easier for me to use computers to communicate.

So since I started my investigation a couple of months ago, Verizon has went from dinging our devices two times per a day to four times per day!

Mallory's data

My daughter’s account shows she’s getting charged four times per day around the exact same times every day as well. She was sleeping and working at all those times.

Macy's Data

My other daughter’s account is getting dinged four times a day as well, all at the same spaced times. No Verizon reps can explain why, and I want an answer as to why I have to cough up extra money every month for data we aren’t using.

Go check your Verizon accounts now and see if you are getting charged extra for data.

Under My Usage > View Usage > Data > Click Device Number

If you are, please leave a comment so I know I’m not alone.

According to WirelessWeek, I’m definitely not alone. Who’s going to start a class-action lawsuit against Verizon?

If I didn’t live in hickville (aka where AT&T, T-mobile and Sprint don’t cover), I’d switch carriers in a heartbeat.


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