Zazzle Custom Fabric = Cute Retro Apron

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For as long back as I can remember, my mother has always worn an apron when she cooks. And she wears those aprons out until they become ratty and worn. My mother is also an avid sewer, and many family members, me included, have received nice handmade aprons from my mother, yet she never takes the time to sew a new apron for herself.

So when I had the opportunity to order and review some custom fabric from Zazzle, I immediately knew I wanted to order something special just for my mom to make her own apron.

Custom Fabric from Zazzle

I picked out the personalized name polka dot fabric in combed cotton, as I knew my mom always uses cotton fabric to make her aprons. I had a hard time deciding between the Turquoise Teal, Lilac Lavender and Hot Pink as the background color. Hot Pink won out just because that was my favorite color of the bunch. I edited the design template name or text to “Grandma”, then I customized it by adding “Pam” as text below that as all of the grandkids call my mom “Grandma Pam”.

Zazzle Custom Fabric

I could've went on to customize the fabric even farther by adding images or changing the tile patterns sizes and/or rotations. I kept the default 6″ x 6″ tile size. I took a photo of my hand on the fabric so you can imagine proportion sizes.

I thought about adding photos of all the grandkids (she has nine so far, including my four), but I'm guessing there may be more grandkids in the future (and that seems like a lot of work trying to find nine current photos to scan)!

Vintage Apron Pattern

My mom knew immediately which apron she wanted to make for herself with the fabric – one from a vintage pattern she had (McCall's Crafts 2132).

Finished Sewn Apron

The apron took longer to sew than the normal aprons she makes, but the vintage pattern was a tad more complex and required a lot of hand stitching. She said she wishes she would've washed the fabric first to make it less stiff while sewing by hand. She did wash the leftover fabric to test how it would wash up, and it washed up beautifully.

Mom in Apron

Here is my mom modelling the finished retro apron complete with pockets.

Back of Retro Apron

And this is the back of the retro apron. The straps criss-cross and button where the tie straps begin. All in all, I believe we were both ecstatic on how well the apron turned out!

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Update! We had enough “Grandma Pam” material left over for my mom to make another apron for anotherĀ “Grandma Pam”! What a great customized gift!

Grandma Pam Apron

Grandma Pam Apron

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