4 Must-Have Features for Luxury Kitchens

4 Must-Have Features for Luxury Kitchens

What transforms an ordinary kitchen into a luxury kitchen? The answer seems to be enough appliances, gadgets and features to make cooking a breeze. After all, if you love to cook, you want to spend more time crafting delicious meals and less time looking for the elusive can opener or cleaning up the one square foot of counter space at your disposal.

Even if you don’t like to cook, a luxury kitchen makes it easier than ever for you to hire a personal chef or caterer. With all the bells and whistles available, these pros can make themselves at home in your kitchen and prepare gourmet foods you thought could only come from a restaurant.

Here’s a small taste of the must-have features for any luxury kitchen worth its salt!

1. Pot Filler

When you need to boil quite a bit of water, the journey from the sink to the stove is a precarious one. Not everyone has the strength to haul a kettle full of water across the room, and some pots only have one handle, which makes it extra tricky to get a good grip.

A pot filler solves this problem and saves time. A pot filler is simply a tap that is right next to the stove. A foldable arm allows the faucet to extend over the full range of the stove, letting you fill any kettle or to simply add a splash of water to a dish that has boiled down too much. A pot filler is an incredibly nifty feature, and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one!

2. Induction Stoves

Who needs electric or gas stoves when an induction cooktop is far more efficient? Plus, these stoves are elegant to boot and easily integrate with any décor.

But what makes induction cooking so nice is that it quickly heats up the pots – and only the pots. You’ll spend less time waiting for water to boil, plus your kitchen will stay cooler in the hot summer months, allowing your air conditioner to take a break and your electric bill to stay reasonable.

So yes, you can give in to your craving for homemade hot chocolate in the middle of summer!

Walk-in Pantry

Walk-in pantries are “in,” but not just any pantry will do for a luxury kitchen … The ultimate pantries are like mini kitchens themselves. Don’t be surprised to find an extra dishwasher in the pantry of a luxury kitchen, along with small appliances and gadgets, like the best meat grinder, noodle roller or spiralizer on the market, set out on another countertop in the pantry, just waiting to be picked up and transported to the prep area.

Prep Sink With Garbage Disposal

An island prep area is nothing new, but the most modern kitchens have other features to make prep easy, such as an extra sink for rinsing vegetables, complete a garbage disposal unit. Special holes in the counter top can also allow you to scrape food scraps into either a compost bin or trash bin, both of which are hidden in the cabinets below. Now you can prep and clean up in one go.

Photo by Naomi Hébert on Unsplash

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