7 Tips for Buying the Best Knives for Your Kitchen

Kitchen Knife Buying Tips

So, you’re in the market for some new knives for your arsenal of kitchen tools? That’s fantastic! There’s not many things that are so essential for your kitchen cutlery than a high-quality set of knives. You never want to be stuck without the correct knife to do the job that you need done.

That’s why we’ve created this handy article for you to learn how to buy the best knives for your kitchen. Because there’s definitely a right and wrong way to shop for those kitchen utensils. Keep reading to learn more and make the right choice out there in the store!

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Don’t Worry About the Tang.

The tang of the knife is the section that extends into the handle. Most, if not all participants of the knife and cutlery world, used to think that a long tang on the knife is a sign of a high-quality knife. However, it’s not going to have much of an impact on how durable your knife is, so don’t worry about looking for a long tang on your knives.

Don’t Worry About the Bolster.

The bolster of the knife is the wide part of the metal where the blade and the handle meet. However, this is largely based on personal preference as to whether or not you should look for this. It adds nothing to the quality of the knife at the end of the day.

Handle Them with The Utmost Care.

You’ll want to ensure that you’re picking a knife that feels good in your hand. Without that comfortability, you could find yourself dropping your knife often or not using it correctly. You probably don’t normally think much about how important this is, but it’s crucial if you want to have a knife that lasts you a long time.

Don’t Think Too Much About the Construction.

Many people think that a forged blade is going to be inherently higher quality than one that is stamped. However, it’s just not that simple anymore with the modern advances in manufacturing. Stamped blades are going to hold their sharpness longer than forged blades and are lighter than the others. However, forged blades feel heavier in your hand and much easier to sharpen. As you can tell, there are advantages and disadvantages to the both, so you shouldn’t worry too much about the construction.

Remember Your Metals.

You have a main choice to make between whether you’ll go for a stainless-steel blade or a carbon metal blade. It’s largely going to be determined by your budget and whether you are more influenced by convenience or durability. Many seasoned chefs go with carbon metal over stainless steel because of their durability and ability to hold their sharpness over a long period of time.

Make sure to determine whether or not your budget is going to allow you to go for a higher quality knife, like that of carbon steel. However, stainless steel won’t be a bad choice either!

Choose the Style That’s Right for You.

When you’re looking at utility knives, there are plenty of styles to choose from. However, if you’re just starting out in this big wide world of knives, you should stick to one of these styles: Western, Santoku, or a Hybrid. These are going to be your best bets when it comes to introductory knives.

To give you a brief overview, western knives are going to be more of your traditional wedge-shaped knives. They have a curved edge, so it’s easier to roll on a cutting board. When you look at Santoku knives with their origin in Japan, they’re a lot straighter and have a more abrupt cutting motion. And of course, the hybrid style is going to be a combination of features of the two.

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Watch Out for Your Budget.

Lastly, you’ve got to watch out for your budget. This is the same logic that goes behind making any big purchases for your kitchen or other room of your house. When you’re looking at high-quality knives, the pricing can go a little high, especially if you’re going to go for knives with great brand names.

Make sure to take a look at your monthly budget and see where this will fit in and go from there. However, that should not stop you from going for more high quality brands just because they’re going to be a little more expensive than the others. You’re going to get what you pay for when it comes to knife sets.

And there you have it! If you follow these tips, you should be able to pick the best set of knives that’s going to last you for a long time to come.

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