4 Ways to Save this Holiday Season

Christmas Piggy Bank With Santa Hat And Money

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Christmas Piggy Bank With Santa Hat And Money
Saving money has become not only a household topic, but a reality television show.  Coupons have become the craze of many; the more you have the better!!  After watching a few episodes of “Extreme Couponing” I had to become one of those people who ends up owing nothing at the register.  I lasted about three hours; between the migraine and the spots I saw after trying to add numbers, look through ads and compare stores I threw in the towel for good!

Don't get me wrong, I am still a frugal person and I want to find the best ways to save money; I am just going to do it the way I always have!  I am here to pass my money saving tips to any reader out there.  This is what it is about people- sharing the wealth.

  1. Sunday papers:  Still a fan of cutting out the coupons on a weekly basis.  The key is to organize them based on product and expiration date.  I have a bin that is separated by household products and grocery.  When I place my coupons in, I then put the ones that are closer to being expired up front.  I also keep a running log in my computer of what coupons I have in the bin.
  2. Online circulars:  A great way to go green and to compare stores.  I open a word document while I am looking.  I create a few columns with the title of the store, and when I see an item I want I copy and paste it into the document.  This helps me organize my list and see which stores I need to visit for the best prices.  It also stops me from overspending; if I have the list in hand when I shop I stick to the list!
  3. Online Deals:  The web is not only a great place to shop, but a great place to get deals you will not be offered in the store.  Many sites offer free shipping, as well as free items once you spend a certain amount of money.  Car dealers even offer deals online.  The Hertz company offers an online only discount when purchasing used cars.  With a simple code, you can save hundreds off the already low price.  The allure of purchasing a used car online is growing.
  4. Flea Markets:  You can get amazing deals if you know what you are looking for at a flea market.  Many of the most wanted items are gone by late morning, so be sure to get there early for the best deals.  Cash is the payment of choice, so make sure you bring lots.  Bargaining is the way to go at markets, so bring your game!

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