5 Festive Things To Buy For Your Home This Year

5 Festive Things to Buy for Your Home This Year

Christmas is one of the most highly anticipated holidays of the year. Retailers begin displaying their holiday decorations well before October hits and continue to add to their selections throughout the year. Decor options range anywhere from the basic garland, lights, and tree to more extreme selections for your yard and rooftop.

If you're a Christmas fanatic and are looking to prepare your home for the holidays, here are few out-of-the-box ideas to consider for this year's festivities.

Musical Light Set

If you're looking to bring holiday cheer to the neighborhood, consider investing in a musical light set. These specialty light sets are programmed to flash in a synchronized way with the holiday tunes of your choice. They use the music’s equalizer bars to visualize the music in a festive, mesmerizing way.

The fun musical production will draw an audience on most nights and will help spread the spirit of Christmas. Sets like this range anywhere from $100–$300 depending on the quality and brand.

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Rooftop Santa

Inflatable Christmas characters are a bold decor statement for many homes during the holidays. Inflatables can be placed in the yard or front porch, but the most popular location is the rooftop. If you think back to your childhood, there is one Christmas character that fits best with the rooftop scene… Santa!

Be the talk of the neighborhood with a large inflatable Santa and sleigh. The timeless tale of Santa sneaking down the chimney is a highly recognized and cherished story around this time of year, so why not bring the story to life? Most home improvement stores will carry inflatables that can be attached to your roof. The fun display will thrill your visitors all season long.

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A Christmas Card Display

Christmas cards are an essential part of the holiday season. Most years, they get thrown in a box, buried under the dining room table, or layered under a magnet on the kitchen fridge. There are better ways to display these tokens of love and gratitude. Consider a creative card display solution. There are plenty of do-it-yourself options that are functional and affordable. Most homemade displays will simply require the creative re-purposing of an existing household item. Common ideas include ladders, mirrors, or cork-board. You'll want to spruce them up with holiday colored paint or printed ribbon.

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Christmas Costumes

If you're planning to throw a holiday party, why not go all out and invest in some festive Christmas costumes? Consider dressing your family in holiday-themed apparel for your big event. Some common multi-person Christmas themes include: the characters of the nativity, elves, Santa and his seven reindeer, angels, 12 days of Christmas, snowmen, or gingerbread men. All of these characters are well-known and easily recognizable and will keep your guests laughing and jolly throughout the night.

Advent Calendar

The use of an advent calendar to count down the 25 days until Christmas is an age-old tradition. Many advent calendars come in the form of candy calendars, or paper-sized displays, but why not escalate this fun holiday tradition and make your advent calendar the focal point of one of your rooms? You can purchase or build a small shelving unit or furniture accent with 25 individual spaces. Decorate each unit with a beautifully packaged gift and allow your family, friends, or guests to open one on each day. This decorative idea will get you in the giving spirit while also adding style and class to your home.

These examples are just a few of the many fun design ideas available for the holidays. Mix things up this year and wow your friends and family with one of these out-of-the-box suggestions.

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