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5 Items Every Woman Must Have In Her Wardrobe

5 Items Every Woman Must Have In Her Wardrobe

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5 Items Every Woman Must Have in Her Wardrobe
Do you spend hours in front of your wardrobe finding the perfect dress for that special dinner or for office meeting? Is your wardrobe filled up with all sort of clothing not good enough to find you even a single piece that you would like to wear today? If yes then it’s time to review your wardrobe.If you come across such situation often, then you need to give your wardrobe a makeover.

Before refilling your wardrobe with few more essentials, make sure you get rid of the old ones first. Now when your wardrobe is free of unwanted stuff,  shop something new that will bring a new look to your wardrobe.

Below are the 5 “Must Have” things for your wardrobe that can be mixed and matched for different occasions.

Stitched to order blazer

Woman Wearing Gray Blazer

Blazer can give your personality an X-factor that you always wanted! Well fitted blazer stitched to order would define your body’s curves for sexier look. Tailored blazer makes you look more attractive. You look leaner and taller with the perfect cuts. Team up this blazer with formal trouser or casual jeans to dress-up for formal or casual outing. Go for black or blue if you are planning to buy only one, later you can have more colors to grace every occasion.

Little black dress

Little Black Dress

There is so much written and said about the little black dress, that every female knows how significant it is to grab the eyeballs. The simplicity of this dress gives room for more combinations. Team it up with some elegant accessories and you are ready for the formal dinner. Add a knitted jacket to make it more casual. In winters, you can wear it with classy long jacket and boots for the trendy look. Possibilities are unlimited with this small black dress.

Pair of blue jeans

Michael Kors Peeptoe Stiletto Black Boots with Jeans

Most of you would be having many good quality jeans adoring the wardrobe, but having a perfect size blue jeans would solve lot of your problems. Wear it with blazer for weekend dinner. Club it with funky T-shirt to get the college-girl look. A smart white shirt can give you grace to attend a luncheon. Ready for new jeans? Check out our guide to buy Jeans Now and Pay Later. 

Slim and sexy white shirt

White Long Sleeved Shirt with Red & Black Striped Long Skirt

Slim-fit white shirt defines your body gracefully. Team it up with jacket and bottom for cool look. Make sure that you find the perfect fit as oversized shirt would take away the grace.

Knee length skirt

Just This Sway Midi Skirt in Navy

Knee-length navy skirt (show above) is available from Modcloth

Skirt can be formal or fancy based on the accessories and tops you team with it. Length of the skirt would decide the right occasion to flaunt it. Hence, go for a knee length skirt to keep it safe. The perfect knee length skirt would be right for every occasion. Wear it with blazer to make it formal. If looking for something more casual then team it up with biker jacket and boots. Skirts can be used to dress up in the most normal to most ecstatic manner, by taking care of few distinguishing factors.

Above mentioned 5 things can be used in many different ways to get the new look every time. 

5 Items Every Woman Must Have in Her Wardrobe

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.