5 Ways to Win When Shopping Annual Holiday Sales

Summer is finally coming to a close, and we all know what that means: only a short time until the biggest holiday sales of the year!

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But when you have the heart of a shopaholic, but the bank account of the average shopper, how can you lap up all the holiday savings?

Fear not: find out right here how to prepare for the holiday shopping season, and how to turn this year's holiday sales into a winning endeavor.

Holiday Sales: The Basics

We all know that the holidays are a time for love, peace on Earth, and goodwill towards fellow man.

We also know that it's when shoppers flock to the registers, as in 2018 it was estimated that shoppers spent over $720 billion during November/December, a marked increase from the prior year. 

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For those of us who simply want to feel the sensation of splurging without actually spending wads of cash, finding the best days to shop during the holiday season can be the difference between you finding a deal or not.

Different holidays yield different deals, so read on to discover how to win when shopping the holiday sales by knowing the 5 main days of deals.

1. Thanksgiving/Black Friday Deals

Yes, with black Friday deals starting earlier and earlier with each passing year, we now must include thanksgiving as part of the day of deals.

During this time, electronics and appliances are in hot demand, as some people will wait in line for outrageous lengths of time just to snag a deal on a flat-screen.

People will stand in line, waiting until midnight, 2 AM, or even later (earlier?) to get a chance to grab deals.

Heck, some people even hire others to stand in line for them!

Regardless of these people, most are not willing to wait in line for days on end to get a deal. With that said, deals can be had by other methods on this shoppers holiday.

Many stores have sales the week before and leading up to the holiday that can be just as lucrative as the holy day of shopping itself.

Also, if you wish to simply avoid all the crowds and bustle, most major retailers now extend their Black Friday deals to their online platforms, allowing you to shop amazing deals shipped straight to your door, all from the comfort of your home.

2. Small Business Saturday

Whereas black Friday deals are primarily had at major retail outlets that are nationwide, small business Saturday is a day of shopping and deals dedicated to local business.

On this day, you can find fantastic deals at mom and pop shops and locally-owned restaurants alike. 

3. Cyber Monday

This is essentially what you'd do on black Friday if you didn't want to go out. On this day, you'll want to be watching all the major retail platforms, especially those that sell clothing, as pricing on these types of items historically reach their lowest point on cyber Monday.

4. Free Shipping Day

Free shipping day is exactly what it sounds like. On this day, online purchases from countless retailers who choose to take part offer free shipping for all purchases, no minimums required in many cases. It is a fantastic time to buy something that would normally cost you a pretty penny for shipping!

5. Green Monday

Green Monday is essentially Cyber Monday 2.0. This day happens 2 weeks following cyber Monday when retailers use this day (historically a large online shopping day) to incentivize buyers to get their products by offering amazing discounts and deals on virtually every product available. 

More Tips on All Things Shopping

While the holiday sales can be taxing on the mind and the wallet, you at least now have a few days in mind where you can save significant money while still making the purchases you want.

Interested in learning more about shopping? Check out the rest of our blog to see more articles on all things shopping.

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