6 Incredible Oyster Dishes

Everyone has that special dish that puts them in a good mood. To most people, oyster dishes do it for them. Whether eaten raw or cooked, oysters are a healthy delicacy. They contain more zinc and omega 3 fatty acids than most foods.

oyster dishes

Preparing oyster dishes at home enables you to cook them whichever way you want and you have a guarantee of eating fresh food. These recipes are numerous, easy to make, and can go well with many dishes. If you are torn between choices the following list will help you choose a spectacular recipe.

Follow along as we go through 6 incredible oyster dishes that you can enjoy. Thank us later!

Oyster Dishes Recipes

These recipes are mouth-watering, easy to cook, and the best part is they can be eaten raw. They can be prepared in different ways they can be baked or roasted.

  1.    Stew

This is one of the easiest oyster dishes to make because the ingredients are readily available and it takes a maximum of 30 minutes to prepare and cook. This stew can be eaten on a cold day and served with ham.

  1.    The Rockefeller

This is classic and simple with a few ingredients like spinach, onions, butter, tomatoes, and pepper. It takes less than 15 minutes to prepare cook making it a preferable food to prepare when in a hurry.

  1.    Smoked with Bacon

Baked oyster dishes make great appetizers because of their crunchy, sweet and salty taste. Smoked bacon oysters can be baked using soy sauce to give them a succulent delicious taste. All you need is bacon, soy sauce, garlic, and granulated sugar. It should take you about 30 minutes to cook.

  1.    Grilled

If you prefer your oyster dishes cooked, green butter grilled oysters is an excellent choice. Owing to their great taste they are great for fancy parties and special occasions. They taste better when served immediately and can be paired with bread.

  1.    Ceviche

It might be surprising to find out that just like we have fish ceviche there is also oyster ceviche.  Made with onions, lime juice, bell paper, and ketchup or mustard this ceviche is a mouth-watering delight that will change your outlook on ceviche. If you decide to make this recipe you need to sharpen your best oyster knives.

  1.    Three Cheese Oyster Gratin

The good thing concerning seafood is that it is good especially when one has lost his appetite. Three cheese oyster gratin bakes for 15 minutes or less. With all the ingredients infused together, they bring a heavenly taste to the dish.

These meals can either be fried roasted or eaten raw. It is vary depending on one’s preferences. Different recipes go well with diverse side dishes.

Oyster Roast Side dishes

Remember to cook roast in an outdoor space large enough to support a roasting pit. Side food for oyster roast include:

  •         Cheese
  •         Marinated vegetables
  •         Rice
  •         Eggplants
  •         Cornbread


Oyster dishes can be savored during different occasions because they almost go with any dish. They are easy to make and provide a lot of health benefits. Remember to protect yourself from heat when cooking.

Which food from the ones above would be suitable for a graduation party?

Six Ways To Prepare Oysters

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