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Discover the Perfect April Birthday Gift for Him or Her!

Discover the Perfect April Birthday Gift for Him or Her!

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Do you have a loved one with an April birthday? Maybe you have a friend or co-worker you want to get something for? With Spring right around the corner, April is such a great month for gifts. The air is finally getting warmer, parties are outside, and April birthdays and events just have a certain flair to them.

We made this gift guide so that you can take the guess work out of getting your friend, family, or peer a great gift. Complete with gift ideas for both him and her, you'll be sure to get them a gift they'll treasure for years to come, reminding them how thoughtful you are!

What sign is April?

April babies are either an Aries or a Taurus, Aries being at the beginning of the month and Taurus at the end.

Their birthstone is a diamond, and their birth flower is a daisy, so you can definitely tell that Spring is right around the corner with this bright happy month.

Aries traits are that they are energetic, courageous, determined, and passionate. Even their “weaknesses” are indicative of how much of a trailblazer they are, being that they are impatient and slightly impulsive. These fire signs and the first sign of the zodiac are not ones for idleness!

In the latter of the month, the Taurus, a true earth sign, is reliable, patient, devoted, and a fantastic friend. They are so steadfast that their only weakness is that they can lean into being stubborn. They are real deal people and will always show up for you when you need them.

April gifts for her

Diamond April Birthstone Jewelry

Gemvara has all sorts of beautiful gifts for her. Their diamond collections are not only gorgeous but also come in a range of different prices allowing you to pick out something that works for your budget and is exactly what you want to give your April friend.

Perfect April Birthday Gift

With everything from rings necklaces, earrings, bracelets, you'll be sure to find exactly what you're looking for on this website.

You can even find items that are engravable and filter by price to find something that fits your budget. When some people hear that April’s birthstone is a diamond, they get weary of spending too much money to get them a beautiful piece of jewelry, but this isn't necessarily the case. You can find something stunning, within your price range, that your April friend will be more than impressed with.

Perfect April Birthday Gift

Zodiac Inspired Jewelry

An even more price friendly option is getting your friend a Zodiac inspired gift.

Silpada is our pick because they make stunning jewelry at an affordable price, and you can find something that your friend will love.

With high quality metal and designs, you surely won't be disappointed by anything you order. You get to pick out the Zodiac sign and pick out the design, and people love things that are customizable. Their Taurus and Aries designs are especially beautiful, and the options are endless. We happen to be huge fans of the constellation necklace.

Perfect April Birthday Gift

Zodiac Inspired Plant from

A less common Zodiac inspired option is getting your Aries or Taurus friend a plant that matches their star sign. has a wonderful guide on picking a plant for your friends or family's Zodiac sign. We especially love the range of prices and options, and for a personal touch, you can write a note on why the plant was picked for their specific Zodiac. With the knowledge of their traits at the beginning of this article, you have everything you need to write a heartfelt note on why you picked what you did.

where to buy indoor plants online

Birth Flower Inspired Gifts from Etsy: Daisy and Sweet Pea

In the realm of custom and craft gifts, Etsy has a wonderful collection of birth flower necklaces. Getting your friend something custom or even just custom to their birth month and flower it is so thoughtful and is something that they will treasure forever.

We love Etsy because Etsy is like going to a really nice custom craft market. You can trace your friend or family's gift back to a specific person, and we think that's beautiful.

My Tribe Daisy Sterling Silver Necklace 18'' Length

Subscription Box from BabeBox

Now, with your Aries or Taurus friend being such a good friend and so giving to others, maybe they'll love a subscription service that's all about them!

This makeup subscription box is such a great gift because it is just the gift that keeps on giving. You can select the number of months you want to gift, and then offer them a subscription afterwards, but receiving a gift of new products of makeup to try every month is so much fun and will remind them each month how much you care.

Nut Milk Machine from Nutr

Maybe your April gift recipient is health conscious, vegan, or dairy free.

Spending money each month on special nut milk is an expense that maybe you can help with. Getting them their own nut milk machine can save them from hours of soaking nuts, straining the milk after it's made, worrying about ratios of water to nuts, this is truly the gift to end all gifts for the right recipient!

nut milk

For the Disney Lover, Disney & Kate Spade Collab

Just because someone is getting older doesn't mean they need to grow up!

For the Disney fan, Kate Spade makes a beautiful collection of purses and wallets with a Disney theme. Your Disney loving family member or friend will absolutely love a Disney themed bag. With plenty to choose from, whether it's in their everyday life or taking it on their next Disney vacation your friend will love a special bag to show off their favorite character and personality.

April Gifts for Him:

Beach Inspired T-Shirt or Hoodie

For your surfer friends! If he loves the beach or surfing or anything to do with the water, a beach inspired T-shirt or hoodie from Surfside Supply is the gift for him. Especially with an April birthday, summer is right around the corner, and he will get plenty of wear out of this special T-shirt or hoodie.

Del Mex Mexican Baja Hoodie Sweatshirt Pullover Jerga Surf Poncho Drug Rug (Small, Calexico)

Houseplant from Bloomscape

For fresh fully grown, potted plants delivered right to your door, a houseplant from Bloomscape is the option for him. Maybe he just moved, purchased a new home, or simply needs to learn to be a little bit more domestic, a potted plant is a perfect gift for anyone. Not to mention, Bloomscape is having a spring sale right now so it's the perfect time to make your purchase.


Drone from Drone Nerds

Maybe your friend is the nerdy type!

Drones from Drone Nerds make a great gift for anyone whether they're into photography, tech, or simply just learning a new skill. Drone flying is becoming more and more popular and buying your friend or family member a drone is helping them keep up with the trend. We love Drone Nerds because of their large selection and affordable options.

drone financing no credit check

My Geek Box, for the Star Wars Fan!

It's the guys version of a makeup box! This subscription box is the perfect gift for your Star Wars nerd or sci-fi fan. Another thing to remind them that you're thinking of them every month you've subscribed for, my geek box is a great idea for a gift because recurring gifts are so thoughtful and fun to receive.

My Geek Box has established itself as a leading player of subscription boxes. Each month customers receive a different themed box full of a various merchandise and geek gear, including a T-shirt.

april birthday gifts

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.