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Backpacking Gear Checklist: Everything to Bring on Your Adventure

Backpacking Gear Checklist: Everything to Bring on Your Adventure

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Is there anything freer than heading out on the open road or into the depths of the forest with only a backpack and sense of adventure? Who knows what you’ll experience and what you’ll see as the days turn to night.

One of the most important parts of this trip is your backpack. It’s your kitchen and bedroom and a lifeline that keeps you safe during your excursion. There’s only so much room in the pack and it needs to house everything you need to survive.

We’ll examine the essential backpacking gear you need to have in your pack in order to survive and thrive while backpacking anywhere in the world.

Prepare for the Weather

When you’re out in the open, there could many types of weather. One day it can be 100 degrees and the next it drops down to near freezing. Your backpack needs to have a raincoat or poncho. Ponchos fold up well in backpacks.

Women’s down jackets are perfect for when the temperatures deep. You should have a clean set of clothes in case you get rained on or dirty while traveling. You need a light shirt and pair of shorts for hot days and a pair of rugged blue jeans if on treacherous terrain.

Backpacking Gear for Sleeping

If you have a hiking backpack, there should be room for a sleeping bag that is rolled up. You should also have a small one-person tent that is easily packed and collapsible.

You can also purchase a sleeping bag liner. This can add a few extra degrees of warmth in your existing sleeping bag and if it’s warm, it can be used as a sleeping bag. While a sleeping bag mat isn’t a necessity, it can make it more comfortable when sleeping on the ground.

You’ll also want a small lantern or flashlight for inside the tent.

Basic Needs for Survival

If you need to start a fire, you’ll need something like matches, lighter or a portable torch. You’ll need a collapsible pot for cooking and canteen for drinking water. If you plan on living off the land, you’ll need a collapsible fishing pole and a knife for cleaning fish.

You’ll also need a set of eating utensils and a few cooking utensils such as a potholder, spoon, etc. If you don’t want to live off the land, then you’ll need plenty of food for the trip. Canned food won’t spoil, but you’ll need a can opener.

You’ll want food that is compact, filled with nutrients and won’t go bad while you’re backpacking. You can also use a Swiss Army Knife or multi-tool for any random construction or projects you need. If you have a cell phone or GPS, purchase small compact solar panels to keep the charged.

Be Prepared for Everything

While no backpack can contain everything a person might need while backpacking, these should handle most of your needs. Backpacking gear is essential if you’re hiking or traveling for long distances. Don’t get caught unprepared.

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Backpacking Gear Checklist

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.