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From Cotton to Silk: The Best Fabric For Sleepwear

From Cotton to Silk: The Best Fabric For Sleepwear

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Although people spend a third of their lives in bed, 1,740 hours every year, pajamas are still an underrepresented category. After all, most of us wear the same pajamas for years, if not decades. Pajamas have never been much more than a sleeping shirt and pants, made from an inherently un-technical material, cotton. For many, silk sleepwear is just a throwaway, not worth investing too much into. But what if sleepwear could be useful and fun? What if sleepwear could be a statement?

Why Sleepwear Fabric Choice Matters for a Good Night’s Sleep

Soft Fabrics Are Better Than Rough Ones

If you've ever tried a t-shirt or a pair of shorts made of versatile synthetic materials, you know it's almost impossible to get a comfortable sleep. This is because these fabrics have one of the lowest levels of surface softness, so they can rub you the wrong way (literally) when you lay down. The solution is to remove them before bed, but if couples share beds, this could lead to awkward moments at best. Instead of tees and shorts during sleepovers, try a pair of printed shorts or a t-shirt with silk or cotton that helps keep your skin smooth and free of irritation even after multiple washings.

No One Wants to Wear a Soggy Nightgown

Most sleepwear is made of cotton, which is a natural fiber. The problem with natural fibers (cotton, flannel, linen, rayon) is that they absorb moisture, soak up water like a sponge, and take forever to dry. This is a big problem with sleepwear if you want to sleep in the same nightie that you just got out of the shower. Imagine how comfortable your pajamas would be if you put them in the dryer for just 5 minutes… and then tried to put them on, wet and soggy. Not very comfy! And, it's hard to find pajama fabrics or cooling fabric that can withstand long-term abuse – if it gets wet and stays wet, it will eventually lose its shape and fall apart.

Breathable Polyester Fabrics Will Help Prevent Night Sweats

Body heat is always trying to escape our bodies, and when we wear clothes that don't allow that heat to escape, we end up feeling hot and sweaty. There are many reasons to invest in breathable pajama fabrics. Not only will they help prevent sweating, but they can also be great for people with sensitive skin. They're also a great way to stay warm without feeling weighed down by a lot of clothing. A warm fabric is also a great way to keep your body heat while allowing your skin to breathe.

You’ll Be More Comfortable

The last thing you want is tossing and turning all night because your pajama fabric is uncomfortable. Choosing a suitable pajama fabric/cotton fabric will help you drift off to sweet dreams more easily.

You’ll Stay Cooler

If you get hot at night, choose knit fabric and airy fabrics like cotton or linen. These fabrics are perfect for warmer months and help you stay cool all night.

Great Fabric Will Make You Look Good

Let's face it, we all want to look our best when hanging out with friends. Fabrics like cotton will keep you cool and warm during cold nights! Picking the suitable synthetic fabric/sleepwear fabric for your sleepwear will ensure that you look and feel great all night long.

What Is the #1 Thing You Look for When Shopping for the Best Fabrics for Your Pajama Set?


A comfortable pajama is the perfect sleepwear. Pajamas that make you feel good in the morning. That is why the team at Lunya created extra lightweight pajamas that are soft, wrinkle-resistant, and comfortable. Every material that goes into making their clothes is carefully selected for its quality and comfort. All their cotton pajama styles are made from 100% cotton with a classic style and finest quality. Visit this site to learn more!


When shopping for the most versatile synthetic materials for your pajama pants, softness is a decisive factor. There's nothing worse than spending $50 on premium silk pajamas that leave you cold and uncomfortable. The quality of the woven fabric is essential; however, how the material feels when you touch it is probably more important than its actual quality. In other words, what are you paying for?


As mentioned earlier, pajamas made of natural fabrics should be extremely soft and durable to withstand repeated washings. If you're looking for a silk pajama set that will last, choose one made from high-quality materials like Supima cotton or Egyptian silk.

A Stylish Design – Choose Matching Pajama Sets That Suit Your Style

Pajamas are available in various styles, so it's easy to find a set that suits your taste. Whether you prefer classic flannel fabric, tight fabrics, synthetic fabrics, or something more modern, you can find a pajama set that's extremely breathable and perfect.

Antimicrobial Properties

Currently, there is a lot of buzz surrounding Anti-microbial technology, which aims to make us feel healthier by minimizing the number of harmful bacteria we come into contact with. The truth is that these terms, such as “anti-microbial”, “water resistant,” “bacteria-resistance,” eco-friendly,” “bacteria-free,” and even “anti-microbial,” are all a bit misleading because they suggest something that they're not truly able to do.

What matters is whether the material has been treated with an anti-microbial substance(petroleum-derived plastic) but not if this substance has been tested to see if it works against certain bacteria. Anti-microbial properties are built into the material itself, so when you're trying to determine what to look for when shopping for the perfect pajama set, be sure to check the tags on the pieces that interest you because the type of material that has anti-microbial properties will be listed.


The best pajamas aren't cheap. This is a fact of life, but the good news is there are ways to get the best pajama set for your money. When shopping for pajamas (or other fabrics), the label will let you know if it's worth the price tag. Pajamas are an investment, so treat them as such.

Make Sure They Fit

Holiday parties, family gatherings, and gift exchanges all require new outfits that stand out while showing your comfort level. First and foremost, make sure that it fits! Your body can change drastically throughout your cycle, so you may want to go up a size just in case. If your body has changed since shopping during another part of your cycle, try on some sizes that you know fit well to understand how clothes fit at these times of your cycle. Some days you might feel more significant, so this step is vital.

Final Words

When choosing fabric for sleepwear, there are many factors to consider. The material you choose should be soft, comfortable, breathable, and lightweight. It should also be able to regulate your body temperature so you can stay cool in the warmer months and warm in the colder months. So, if you're looking for a suitable fabric for sleepwear, silk is a great option. It is comfortable, breathable, and can help you stay at a comfortable temperature all night long.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.