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Klarna Purchase Power Explained

Klarna Purchase Power Explained

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If you are a current user of Klarna Buy Now Pay Later services you might of heard of their latest offering – Klarna Purchase Power. Here we explain what it is and how it works.

What is Purchase Power on Klarna?

Your Klarna Purchasing Power is how much you can spend when you use Klarna. The amount changes each time you shop, and it depends on the store you’re shopping at along with your Klarna history including if you have a current outstanding balance.

Your Purchasing Power can change if you change stores or if you change the payment method, so always check your purchasing power right before you purchase to make sure you know your options. In some cases Klarna purchase power might not be available to use. 

How can you increase your Klarna purchasing power?

While you can’t request higher Purchasing Power yourself as the Klarna customer service representatives don’t have the option to do this, you can increase your Purchase Power with these tips:

  • Make all of your payments on time
  • Pay your balance off as fast as possible
  • Don’t have more than one Klarna outstanding balance at a time

What is the maximum purchase power on Klarna?

The maximum purchase using Pay in 4 is typically $1,000. If you're financing a purchase, the maximum is $10,000.

Where can I check my Purchase Power on Klarna?

First login into the Klarna app to see your current balance and amount open to use. You can check your Purchase Power for the Klarna Card in the app by selecting estimated available to spend. You can unlock your frozen card in the Klarna app then try to make the purchase again.

How do I find my Klarna Credit Limit?

We will confirm your credit limit by email you once you have signed your Klarna Account agreement in the checkout. Your credit limit is also shown on each monthly statement or in the app.

Can you buy gift cards with Klarna?

No, at this time Klarna does not support the purchase of gift cards. This also applies to Klarna 1x cards. Any gift card purchase attempt will be automatically declined. 

How Many Purchases Can I make with Klarna?

There is no set limit for how many purchases you can have with Klarna. However, the approval decision when shopping with Klarna depends on the following aspects: Your minimum credit score from the credit bureaus and credit card or debit card history with Klarna. Your open debt and unpaid orders with Klarna. 

Looking for more sites like Klarna that offer Buy Now Pay Later services? We recommend Afterpay and Sezzle. 

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