Bosch Is Making Life Easier #LikeABosch

Full disclosure I’m a little obsessive compulsive about neatness, cleaning, organization and getting stuff done. I always have a lengthy to-do a list (okay, multiple lists) and it feels so satisfying to check off items as I complete them. I love the sense of accomplishment.


But there are days when getting everything done seems a little overwhelming. Those are the times when I wish a had someone to do things for me. Taking things off my plate and doing them in a more efficient way would leave me more time to enjoy friends, family and have more fun.

So, I’m always looking for ways to maintain my organized life but ease the burden and time associated with doing so.

I often think about how much time I would get back if I wasn't vacuuming every other day to pick up the mountain of dog hair from my adorable but massively shedding dog. Or how much time is spent taking an inventory of my refrigerator and making grocery lists. And my obsession with coffee. I make a lot of coffee. It’s practically a part time job. And don’t get me started on things outside the house, like making sure my lawn is well-maintained so I’ve got so great curb appeal.


Well, short of getting a butler or hiring people to do get all these little tasks done, I realized there are some simple ways that I could make life easier by making my home smarter. And that was my resolution for 2019. To take back my time and streamline how I get things accomplished.

So, I decided that I was going to put technology to work for me. I am now thinking like a boss. Okay, more accurately, thinking like a Bosch.

To accomplish that I’m going to start using several new Bosch appliances including their coffee maker, the Roxxter vacuum, and the Indego lawn mower. This will make my home (and me) smarter because all of these appliances let me connect via an app on my phone and have complete control over every function.

I’m excited that Bosch will be working hard, while I get some time back to chill out.

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