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What You Need to Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring Online

What You Need to Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring Online

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The ecstatic feeling that comes with shopping for your engagement ring online is second to none. For many, it is a tasking process because they do not know the factors to consider before buying their engagement ring online. However, we have decided to make it an easy process with the simple tips that have been compiled in this article.

Finding the perfect engagement ring online for your lover and shopping for men's wedding bands online are two important and difficult but exciting processes that you can get right at once if you know the appropriate steps to take. Below are things you need to know before buying an engagement ring online.

Things to Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring

1. Set a Budget

In simple language, don't budget beyond what you can afford for your engagement ring. There's no right amount to spend on an engagement ring and no right answer to how much you should budget. Make sure you set a budget that you're comfortable with.

No matter your budget, you will always find something special. Therefore, consider your finances before you set a budget for your engagement ring.

Setting a budget will give you an insight into the type of ring to shop for your partner or both of you online.

2. Know What Style You Are Looking For

After setting a budget, the next factor to look out for is the style you and your partner love. Knowing what style you are looking for helps you to be specific with your search. This also saves you time.

3. Be Sure of Your Ring Size

When shopping for an engagement ring online, be sure of the size of the ring you would be needing. Both of you should get your fingers measured.

Once you find your favorite ring online, the next thing is to consider the sizing information on the store's website, and also the store's resizing policy if need be.

You can follow the steps below to get a perfectly sized engagement ring when shopping online.

  • Before you place an order, go to a local ring store to try on a similarly styled ring.
  • Size your ring finger in a local ring store, using a ring sizer.
  • If a local ring store isn't close by, you can buy a plastic ring sizer to get your ring finger sized.
  • Enquire about the resizing process of the store you want to order from, in case the ring needs to be resized.

4. Begin the Shopping Process Early

Start looking for an engagement ring soon enough to avoid wasting time. If you begin your shopping as early as three or four months before you need it, you will have enough time for consultation, customization process, resizing if need be, and shipping process.

5. Place Your Order Early

One thing is to begin the shopping process early, another thing is to place the order early. Order your engagement ring as early as six weeks in advance to avoid delay. Some engagement rings are made only after you have ordered, which can take a bit of time before they get ready.

6. Be Familiar With the 4Cs

Wondering what the 4Cs are? 4Cs are the quality grades given to a diamond. If you would love to buy a diamond engagement ring, then you must pay attention to the 4Cs to know the quality and the price of the ring. Knowing what you're paying for is a great idea!

The 4Cs are outlined below.

  • Cut: How well a diamond is cut affects how it captures light. A well-cut diamond will capture so much light that will result in the brilliance of a diamond. Therefore, the better the cut, the more brilliant a diamond looks.
  • Color: Diamonds' colors naturally range from colorless to light yellow, to brown. The best color grade for your diamond ring is D, which means colorless. When a diamond is colorless, it acts as a prism which allows a great amount of light to pass through and create a virtual rainbow of brilliant color.
  • Clarity: This simply describes how flawless a diamond is. The best grade of diamond is the one with “FL” which means flawless.
  • Carat: This helps you determine how large a diamond is. A carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams. A carat is divided into 100 points so that a diamond of 50 points weighs 0.5 carats, and a diamond of 100 points weighs 1 carat.

Note: Though each of the 4Cs is important, the “Cut” is the most important factor to consider. This is because of the direct relationship between the cut and the brilliance of a diamond. A poorly cut diamond will look dull.

7. Consider the Metal Type

Engagement rings come in varieties of metals. The same styles of rings can exist in different metal types. Most couples prefer gold or platinum for the sake of durability.

Platinum is the toughest, most expensive, and most durable precious metal. If you can afford it, platinum is the best metal your engagement ring can be made of because it is of high quality and durable.

However, there are several options of metals to choose from depending on your lifestyle and budget. Always bear in mind that your choice of metal will affect how much care your ring needs.

8. Buy From a Store That Offers a Warranty

When purchasing your engagement ring, buy from a reputable online store that offers a warranty for its jewelry products. There are several reputable brands that offer a lifetime warranty for their jewelry products. Make your research well and buy from one of them.

9. Consider the Store's Insurance and Return Policies

Rings are valuable pieces of jewelry that should be rightly insured. Make sure that you get the right insurance coverage for the ring, so if you experience loss or damage, you’re covered.

According to Investopedia, a good insurance policy must cover all contingencies on your engagement ring.


Is it safe to buy an engagement ring online?

It is safe to buy an engagement ring online, provided you are buying from a reliable store. The most important thing to do is to do proper research and exercise caution while searching. Then read reviews from other customers who have bought from the store before. Some stores even offer buy now, pay later service, however, with terms and conditions.

How much is ideal for me to spend on an Engagement Ring?

There's no specific answer to how much you should spend on an engagement ring. The decision is yours to make. However, you must take your financial situation into consideration. This will help you set a favorable budget and even save money for other things. Don't pile on debts for yourself in the process.

Are Engagement Rings cheaper online?

Engagement rings are cheaper online than in physical stores. Shopping online helps you save a lot.

Final Words

Buying engagement rings is one of the most important purchases you would ever make. This is why you need to carefully research to get the online shopping process right once and for all.

There are several online stores where you can buy your engagement ring. However, only some are reliable. Be sure of the policies, warranties, shipping process, and consultation service of the online store you are buying from. Above all, set a favorable budget when you want to buy your ring.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.