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Clothing Brands Travelers Love

Clothing Brands Travelers Love

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Global traveling has returned with a burst of enthusiasm and travelers are once again searching for secluded beach destinations, city nightlife, and local color around the world. With the searching, traveling and anticipation, comes the clothing that ties directly to the words, “comfort and ease.” In this article, we’ll explore the best brands that travelers will love, why these brands meet all the criteria of travelers, and where to find the perfect clothing for your next global jaunt.

First, let’s talk about the needs of today’s traveler. Transportation issues will dictate some of the clothing choices of those traveling, simply because baggage charges apply on planes and various trains, staterooms are often too small to accommodate clothing, and warm weather precludes dragging clothing around while traveling, even in the best conditions.

Whether the journey requires an all-weather anorak, or the lightest bikini ever manufactured, the traveler must pack for the weather and the conditions of the destination. This means clothing must carry superior construction and offer flexibility, depending on the needs of the day for the traveler. If you’ve ever considered starting a clothing brand, use this clothing brand business plan to get started.

Clothing must also be stylish for today’s traveler. Dark brown, grocery sack ponchos with long sleeves may be appropriate for rainy weather, but no one wants to wear one. The style of the garment must also fit the traveler’s sense of fashion. In addition, the clothing must fit well and be proportioned to the body. Again, “one-size-fits-no-one” is a look travelers will want to avoid, especially against the backdrop of a beautiful world. If you have ideas for the best looks and designs for travel, why not consider how to start a clothing line with this template? You may design the next hottest looks for travel!

With this list of clothing requirements in mind, let’s explore the clothing brands that travelers love.

Lululemon Athletica

With the combination of versatile fabrics, styles and detailed embellishments, Lululemon Athletica hits the mark with every item sold. The clothing brand created the leisure-athletic style that combines ultra soft textures with uber-stretch flexibility to create beautifully styled clothing everyone can wear. Travelers will appreciate the colors and printed fabrics, as well as the fanny packs and yoga towels, all ready to use at a moment’s notice. The pricing is high; the superiority of the brand is equally high. Find Lululemon Athletica online and in retail stores in the U.S.A.


Lux travel clothing meets polished style in the brand Anatomie. Travelers can select professional travel clothing, sports outfits, and swimwear, all designed to go with you in high style. Shop by activity, including “safari excursion” and “ski season,” for ease of selection. This clothing brand puts the “A” in amazing travel clothing. The pricing is high, which is absolutely justified by the excellence of the craftsmanship, materials, and design choices. Find Anatomie online or in Neiman Marcus retail stores in the U.S.A.


This superior clothing brand has been trusted for over 150 years and their clothing comes with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. Their “Performance Travel Clothing” line has been sorted into categories and can be made into capsule collections. Activities such as “Hunting” and “Fly Fishing” carry their own wardrobe selections made of durable and flexible outdoor mainstays. Orvis does not follow fashion styles as much as the company does workable, wearable, and made-to-fit clothing. Pricing is moderately high; the brand exceeds all expectations in their travel clothing lines. Find Orvis online or through retail stores in the U.S.A and Japan.

Duluth Trading Company

If you are seeking durability above all else, you’ll want to check out the traveler’s choices from this no-frills brand. However, no frills doesn’t mean “no taste.” There are a wide variety of separates from which to choose, many in plus sizes, and all would be appropriate for mountain climbing or heading to a nearby bistro for lunch. It’s all within your reach via the Duluth Trading Company. Prices are moderately reasonable; the brand is spot on for creating happy travelers. Find Duluth Trading Company online and at select retailers.

Patagonia @ REI

While the brand is not widely available and the selection is not extensive, the Patagonia brand clothing will never wear out, even on the most strenuous backpacking trip of your life. The clothing simply doesn’t wear out and the brand sizing is reasonable, with style and fit designed to move with you instead of scolding you while you go. Climb, reach, toss, run…whatever you choose to go athletically, Patagonia will go with you. Reasonably priced; exceptionally priced for the many years of wear-and-tear this brand will take. Find Patagonia online or through REI stores nationwide.

Each of these brands will support and enhance your travel experience. Select the styles and fabrics you love, pack your bag and you’re ready to go. We wish you the best travels ever!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.