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A Guide to Buying Shapewear for the First Time

A Guide to Buying Shapewear for the First Time

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If you’re considering getting yourself a piece of shapewear for the first time, you’re not alone. Increasingly over social media platforms, such as TikTok, there is content from influencers and individuals raving about the benefits of shapewear. Shapewear has evolved over the past decade, and is now officially “cool” as it becomes more and more mainstream. That’s why, here, we have put together a mini guide to buying shapewear for the first time. Read on to find out more information.

What Are You Wanting Shapewear For?

You need to think about your reasoning for getting shapewear. This will help you to decide on what style you go for. Do you want to create the illusion of a smaller waist? Then a waist trainer could be the best bet. Are you wanting to keep everything in place whilst lifting your chest? Try to find shapewear that supports the area of your body you want to enhance. Perhaps you want to smooth out the appearance of your thighs – in this case, shapewear shorts may be the ones for you. Think about what you love most about your body and what you want to show off, as well as if there are areas that you would like to enhance.


When it comes to shapewear, you need to stay true to your size. Don’t go for a smaller size with the idea that it will be more effective and compress your body to the max. This can have the opposite effect and produce a lumpy, unflattering look. If anything, you’re sometimes better going a size up if you want a slightly lighter fit. However, it is always recommended you read brand size guides and measure yourself to make sure you’re purchasing an item that is right for you. The best thing to know for sure is to try on a few similar sizes to see which feels the nicest on your body.


Once you know what you want your shapewear for, as well as your size, then it’s the fun bit – time to pick the style you want to go for! Whilst this ties in with the previous points, the styles vary massively these days, with all different colors, cuts and materials to pick from. You can pick different sleeve or leg lengths, and so much more. Again, if you can try them on in a shop and pick out a few different styles, you can figure out what is most suited to you and your body.


When trying something new, it’s always a good idea to put a little bit of research in to ensure you’re not wasting your money. So, read the reviews, explore different brands, check out if there are any offers, and compare what is available. This should help you to find the best quality pieces that you will be able to wear time and time again.

If you’re considering getting your first shapewear garment, then don’t waste any time! Check out what is available and you’ll never look back.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.