Career Boosts You Didn’t Know You Needed

Being stuck in the same job for years can be boring enough as it is, but what if you saw no way out of it? A lot of people take rather long to before they realise that the job they’re currently in won’t really offer any other benefits in terms of advancing their careers and moving forward, in general.

Career Boosts You Didn't Know You Needed

They’re stuck in a rut, in other words, and can’t seem to get any further than hitting the search engine to look for another job during working hours.

Luckily, there is a way out where you can enjoy a career in bloom without really having to take too many risks. Here is a handful of inspiring tips in case your career and your motivation needs an extra boost so that you can finally look a bit forward to Monday again.

It’s the kind of stuff that makes it fun to go to work every morning and it will definitely affect your mood, in general, as well.

Start by considering what you want

While you’ve probably spent some nice and long hours thinking the situation over already at the office, you need to figure out what you would actually like to do. You will usually fall in under one of these categories; happy with your job but need a new environment, happy with your workplace but need new challenges, or unhappy and need a new career.

Let’s start with the most common one first. If you enjoy your occupation, in general, but need a change, you may simply want to consider jumping ships and look for new opportunities at another company. This isn’t all that difficult at all and you have a much better chance at getting a raise as well as a promotion, down the line.

Back in the days, employees were encouraged to stay put in a job for as long as possible – preferably until they retire or just call it a day for good but, these days, we like to climb the career ladder by changing companies.

You will most likely be offered a higher salary since your new workplace would love to steal one of their competitors’ employees – and you’ll have access to a new environment, new people, and a completely fresh start.

If your current employer, on the other hand, should try to offer you a raise when you tell them you’d like to leave, you may want to consider this; they would have given you the salary and the advancement you deserve if they considered you worthy of it, in the first place.

Those who decide to accept these offers and stay put in any way, often end up leaving their job after another year or so nonetheless so you might as well jump ships and get it over with.

Career boosters? Start networking

Now that you know what you want, we can get down to the actual tips: how to boost your career significantly and make that advancement a lot more probable. One of the best ways to start off is simply to expand your network – or build on your current relationships.

People tend to help each other out and, when you know the right kind of people, they may connect you with others who can help your career, in the long run. It’s not that hard to pull off either and you can easily get started even if you haven’t been out in the field for some time.

Networking came easily when we were in college as everything was laid out for us. As we get a job and climb the career ladder slightly, however, many forget completely about furthering their network and, sooner or later, they’re bound to get back out there on their own. You need to get to know some new people, in other words, and not just the same ones that you socialise with at your job if they haven’t done you much good so far.

You can easily continue to build your network by attending events that are relevant to your field – or even by shadowing a senior at your company for a while. Many experienced professionals will be happy to let you shadow them for a day to gain a bit of knowledge. And who knows; they may even know someone who would love to boost your career a bit.

By staying hungry for knowledge and showing initiative, you’ll already be doing a lot more than your co-workers. It’s the kind of stuff that both your current employer and prospective ones will appreciate, so keep learning – and take a few large steps out of your comfort zone.

Consider having a chat with your boss

Another point to furthering your network is, in fact, simply to get to know your boss a bit better. While you shouldn’t go out of your way to make their coffee, it does help to be a bit friendly and consider the fact that they, more than any, can give your career the kind of boost you need.

While it may seem a bit intimidating, this is actually one of the best ways to go about with boosting your career. If you’re eager for a challenge and would like your workplace to know that you’re ready to move up, they should know about it and your boss should certainly be aware as he or she will be able to get you there.

Career Boosts You Didn't Know You Needed

Have a chat about what kind of skills they would like to see you improve and talk about how your workplace can accommodate for that extra degree you’re taking, for example. It’s not a guaranteed way of getting that promotion, but you’ll be improving your relationship with your boss while also making sure that they know just how committed you actually are.

Plus, any employer should value their employees’ interest in furthering their knowledge and learning even more while working so just a conversation about it will give you a star in their book.

While you know better than anyone what it takes to get a promotion where you work, it’s important that you talk to the right people about your goals and ambitions. Your boss can certainly help you out with this but you can, of course, also consider someone with more experience than you.

Ask someone who has been working there for a while if you can have them as a mentor, for example, and let them know that you’re looking to improve at work. He or she will definitely be honored – and it will be a bit easier for you to get what it takes for that career booster, promotion, or just a general insight for later in life.

Continue learning, take a course, or complete another degree

Sure, it may sound impossible to get any education done while you’re juggling family life, career, and everything else as well – but completing an online degree isn’t all that difficult these days.

While you will need a certain amount of commitment as it won’t just happen out of nowhere, a bit more education could give you exactly what you need to land a higher position at another company – or just further your career at the company you’re already working for.

By showing your employers that, not only are you keen to learn, but you’re also able to take the initiative yourself by signing up to those webinars, you should be able to catch their attention rather quickly.

Let your employer know that you’re considering to boost your knowledge with another degree or a relevant course, for example, and ask whether they’ll be able to reimburse you for this. The companies who know how to value their employees are usually able to; if not, their competitors will probably be happy to take such an eager and knowledgeable employee onboard.

You can start by checking out this online criminal justice bachelor degree, for example, just to have a look at the options and how it works when you’d like to complete them online

The great thing about many of these degrees is that you can attend classes on your own time and keep a flexible schedule; that way, your education won’t interfere too much your work life and your personal life, and achieving your goals will suddenly feel so much more doable.

Furthering your career is essentially all about stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something else than what you’ve been doing so far. Get to know some new people, join another company instead, and continue learning and improving yourself; the rest will happen naturally.

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