Decorating A Small Space To Create A Big Impact

Holiday decorations span decades of tradition, varieties of celebrations, and the discerning tastes of the decorator. It’s easy to create themed rooms and special centerpieces when your home is large and roomy, but how do you achieve the same impact when you are working with a 900 square foot townhome and a budget? With a little creative thinking when it comes to lighting, surprises in every corner, and greenery, you can create a winter wonderland that reflects your tastes and lends your heart to the joy of the season.

holiday decorating

Light the Way To the Holidays

No matter what the space or the time of year, lights help to create a warm and inviting background. This is especially true during the dark, cold days of winter. For centuries, no matter what part of the world or what religion, people have been lighting up their homes to bring warmth and joy inside. For your small living space, there are several places and ways to add that ambiance without spending a lot

  • String white or colored lights around windows
  • Strategically place strings of colored lights above cabinets
  • Line staircases with white lights along both handrails
  • Add lights around any mirrors whether on the walls or in bathrooms
  • Tuck lanterns with battery-operated candles in dark corners, as accents on side tables, and on bathroom counters

Hide Surprises All Over

Using treasures handed down from generations of Christmases and new discoveries you add to your collection each year during the after Christmas sales, design little surprises all throughout your small space. Little villages built on a side table add to the imaginations of the little ones as well as adults. Collages of elves or snowmen clustered in kitchen corners keep the magic flowing into each room. Bedrooms that have bowls of colorful ornaments tucked on a shelf add shimmering light and color. Remember, every little table, corner, window sill, and even picture on the wall is a chance to add a visual pleasure so that everywhere you or your guests look, there’s something new to see.

Bring the Green Inside

Mantels and staircases just seem to be made for holiday decorating. Imitation, green boughs and ivy are the base for so many good things and don’t cost a lot for what they give. Lining your handrails with rich greenery and adding those lights instantly make your home feel warm. Place your favorite foliage around any openings like between the kitchen and living room, around door frames, and above your cupboards if there is space.

Of course, adding the Christmas tree is the crowning jewel to your small space. An artificial tree company like Balsam Hill has several options to choose from. Find one that is tall and a little less full. This will give you the height to work without losing precious room space. Try to place it in a corner where it can be seen from the windows but so that it doesn’t completely block them. Allow it to have its own area by tucking it back but spreading the skirt out to visually extend its geography without taking up actual space. Place chairs close by that can be used for extra gifts but are also convenient for extra guests. Decorating your Balsam Hill tree with extra lights and bright and colorful ornaments all the way around will fill out the space with all the magic of Christmas but without consuming the entire room.

You don’t need a lot of space to bring Christmas home for the holidays. Lights to brighten the dark days, little treasures to cheer you hidden all around, and the perfect tree and greenery to add warmth all work together to make whatever space you have a true winter wonderland.

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