Effective Ways To Fight COVID-19 Include Buying Wholesale Face Masks

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The world is under this pandemic changed almost everybody’s life. COVID-19 is a battle that we have to win, yet it would ask us to go through the hole of a needle. It is not easy for many of us, especially to the government of countries with a high population of infected. Many are suffering, and there is so much work to do before this pandemic ends.


Scientists from different countries are still at work on finding the right vaccine. Everyone is expecting it to eradicate the existence of this virus. It is also why many researchers are one with them in this battle to find the medicine. Not until there is a vaccine that our lives will return to normal again.

It is a battle that we all want to end. We are all exhausted mentally and physically. We lose people in this fight, yet we are still trying to hold on because of our loved ones and our mission in life. Our mission is not only to live for ourselves but also for other people.

Our Safety

Hospital beds are full of COVID-19 patients. In some places, the rate of affected people is increasing. Some countries recovered from it, while others are still struggling to stop spreading the virus to their people. The situation asks more effort and service from doctors and nurses, which urges them to remind the public about safety.

Our safety is critical at this time. The least that we can do to help our government and medical practitioners is to keep ourselves healthy. We are reminded to stay at home as much as possible and follow social distancing outside our house. Though it is difficult for some of us, especially those who are already working, it is still a must to keep our health our number one priority.

So how do we take safety precautions?

  • Eat nutritious foods.

A person who has a healthy mind and body is less likely to acquire any diseases from viruses. You have to take care of yourself to avoid getting sick. Eat vegetables, meat, and fruits to make your body healthier.

  • Take vitamins.

These are supplements that could give you more nutrients aside from the foods that you eat. The most important vitamin that you have to consume these days is vitamin C. It makes your immune system stronger and keeps you away from diseases around you. Drink vitamin C at least once a day for better health.

  • Exercise daily.

Staying at home could mean for some as their chance to take a rest. Yet, let us not forget that we also have to keep moving by doing exercises. It removes toxins from our body when we sweat. Also, it prevents us from getting sick.

  • Avoid socializing with other people.

One of the many essential things that the government is asking the people is to avoid social gatherings. It is one way of catching the virus. It is why you should avoid talking and meeting people if it is not necessary. You can work on it by using online social platforms.

  • Use protective gear and mask.

For doctors and nurses, they are required to use protective gear to avoid catching the virus. It is a protocol, and they have to make sure that they change it every day. Everyone is also required to wear a face mask. It could be N95 or the surgical one.  Read here to know more about it.

  • Keep your hands clean and sanitized.

You must wash your hands, but you also have to apply alcohol on it. When you come home from running errands outside or right after working, you have to make sure that you do this as a routine. It keeps you away from getting bacteria spread into your things and at home. Make sure that you keep an alcohol wherever you are.

Now that you know about the safety precautions that you can do to avoid the virus, let us discuss why you should wear a mask.

Why Should You Use A Face Mask?

face mask

The COVID-19 virus is spread through droplets from other people. It could be passed in the air, or through someone’s saliva. We are constantly reminded that if you have someone at home who is infected, you should never use his or her things. By doing this, you are protecting yourself from possible transmission of the virus.

It is not enough that you stay distant from the person, but it is much better if you wear a mask all the time. If you have to go to the bank, to the grocery, department store, or work, you should wear it. It serves as your ultimate protection from the virus. You might not know when you will get in contact with infected people. It is better to do it now than regret later.

Companies or employers buy face masks for their employees. Running a business is very difficult right now, and it entails so much caution. You have to think of your employee’s safety and health to continue providing service for many people. Because of this, they buy wholesale face mask to ensure everyone’s safety.

But what are the reasons for buying wholesale for it?

Reasons of Buying Wholesale Face Masks

  • Sufficient Supply

Some people find it challenging to look for it because supplies are limited. The more significant demand in the market, the bigger the supply is. Yet, people are hoarding for it. If you are going to purchase wholesale, you do not have to buy new ones every day. Doing this will give you enough stock for your people.

  • Discount

One good thing about purchasing wholesale is that you can ask for a discount, or the seller will give you one. It is a big thing already knowing that commodities are a little higher right now. It saves you more money when compared to buying individual masks. It is still ideal to buy wholesale if you are going to use it every day.

Let us now go to the factors that you have to take note of when buying wholesale.

Factors to Consider in Buying Wholesale Face Masks

  • Seller

Everyone is always in a rush to buy safety supplies. However, before you buy wholesale face masks, make sure that the company is qualified to sell it. Do a background check by knowing the years they have been in operation. Check if they have a clean record. If they are all good with these, it means you can trust them.

  • Price

This pandemic changed almost everything, even the prices of commodities and its supplies. In buying, remember that you have to check the price. Some sellers are selling their products for a higher price, which is unreasonable. Compare prices and quality from different sellers to find the best one.

  • Expiry Date

Just like any other commodities, you have to check the expiry date. By doing this, it also prevents you from any health hazards. It also ensures you that are getting the best quality of the product. Make sure that you replace them with a new set once it reached the expiry date.

  • Quality

You will use it almost every day, especially if you are already working in your office or store. You have to check the quality of your mask. Check for the efficient filtration of the cover. It should be a minimum of 95 percent. Visit this link to know more about it. 

  • Ingredients

You have to check the ingredients used in it. Make sure that it will not create any allergic reactions to your skin or body. It may come with copper, zinc, and any other substances. Research about the best one and be careful in buying yours.

  • Size

It also comes in many sizes. You have to ask the seller regarding their sizes. It can vary from medium to extra-large. The mask must be able to cover the bridge of your nose up to your chin. Find the right size for yourself.

Now that you know about the factors that affect your decision to buy let us discuss creating your mask.

Creating Your Mask

Do you know that you can also make your own mask?

Yes, you can! You can choose the design that you want. You will never have to worry about buying for your everyday use. Also, you can recycle it if you are using the cloth one.

Since it becomes one of the top commodities right now, many people buy more for their employees, families, and other people. Hospitals need more of it every day for their medical staff. Yet, its supplies are becoming more limited. It is also where business on making one’s mask becomes prominent today.


Besides buying it from sellers in the market or online, you can also provide yourself your mask. You just need some materials, and you can start doing it at home. Many people are already, and even small businesses are already doing it. These masks are made of cloth, which is also an excellent material to filter dust, pollution, and even virus.


The 2019 Pandemic And Its Effect On Society


The situation itself does not only focuses on the negative things that are happening. It also has positive things that happened to some people. Some of these are having a good time for family bonding. It is also an excellent time to enter other business to earn. Others are selling online, while some are applying for new jobs. Today is a hard time for everybody, but what matters is that everyone is still thriving to live regardless of how difficult the current situation is.


The pandemic is also a good time to share whatever you have with other people. More than what the government can do to its people, non-government organizations are extending their help. They provide food, clothes, and shelter to those affected by this pandemic. In short, there is a sense of responsibility, care, and love for other people among us.




Again, this pandemic is a battle that every one of us must win. To end this, we must work hand in hand. Remember that it is not only ourselves, that is our responsibility but also other people. The more we take care of ourselves, the more we give protection to the people around us. The less chance we get sick.


Remember to eat healthy foods, exercise daily, drink vitamins, wear protective gear and mask, observe social distancing, and wash hands. Also, buy quality face masks for your protection. Stay at home and be productive. It is the only thing that we can do to help our society.


Let us protect ourselves and let us start now.


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