Use It or Lose It: Online Stores That Accept FSA Dollars

Online Stores That Accept FSA Dollars

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Last updated on August 9, 2021

Where Can I Use My FSA Card Online? Amazon, FSA Store & More

It can sometimes be tricky to figure out exactly where you can use your FSA card online, so we put together a list of major online stores, from Amazon and the FSA store, to Walgreens and Target, that are FSA approved.

If you have a medical flexible spending account (FSA) and have money left in your FSA account, you need to use that money before the end of the year, as your FSA dollars will expire on December 31st.

You do not need to spend your FSA dollars just on medical bills. You can stock up on health care items (i.e. Band-aids, Ibuprofen, Allergy Pills) and personal care items (i.e. Face Washes, Tampons, Sunscreen, Condoms). This is also the perfect time to order contact lenses or a new pair of cute eyeglasses (you'll need to ask your eye doctor for a written prescription for these).

You can spend FSA dollars at any of the following online stores as all of these online stores  accept FSA Funds for payments:

flexible spending account

You can actually stock up on FSA eligible health care and personal care items from anywhere (i.e. Walmart, Target), but you'll need to pay for them yourself with cash or a debit/credit card and then to submit your receipts to your Flexible Spending Account to be reimbursed for your FSA approved items.

Online Stores That Accept FSA Dollars

Use It or Lose It: Online Stores That Accept FSA Dollars

Spend Your FSA Dollars At These Online Stores

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  1. For OTC medications, such as ibuprofen like you mentioned, you have to have a prescription. Any item that contains a medication must have a prescription in order for you to use your FSA. That doesn’t mean you have to get the med filled from the store’s pharmacy, but they have to have it on file that you have a prescription.

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