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Use It or Lose It: Online FSA Stores That Accept FSA Dollars

Use It or Lose It: Online FSA Stores That Accept FSA Dollars

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Where Can I Use My FSA Card Online? Amazon, FSA Store & More

It can sometimes be tricky to figure out exactly where you can use your FSA card online, so we put together a list of major online FSA stores, from Amazon FSA/HSA Shop and the FSA store, to Walgreens and Target that are FSA approved.

If you have a medical flexible spending account (FSA) and have money left in your FSA account, you need to use that money before the end of the year, as your FSA dollars will expire on December 31st.

You do not need to spend your FSA dollars just on medical bills. You can stock up on health care items (i.e. Band-aids, Ibuprofen, Allergy Pills) and personal care items (i.e. Face Washes, Tampons, Sunscreen, Condoms). This is also the perfect time to order contact lenses or a new pair of cute eyeglasses (you'll need to ask your eye doctor for a written prescription for these).

You can spend FSA dollars at any of the following online stores as all of these online stores  accept FSA Funds for payments:

General Health & Wellness

In the medicine cabinet and more. 

FSA Store

Everything the FSAStore sells is FSA eligible following the current rules and  industry standards. 

Is the FSA Store Legit & Safe?

Yes, the FSA Store is a 100% legitimate and safe retailer to purchase health and wellness products. Everything for purchase on the FSA Store  and HSA Store are sourced directly from the manufacturer and are all vetted for quality and authenticity, and expiration dates.  Read how to spot fakes on their site here.


Amazon FSA Store

Amazon now accepts your FSA or HSA card! Click here for a full list of items that are eligible to be paid for with your HSA or FSA dollars. By using your employer-provided FSA account, you can save on qualified health purchases, including over-the-counter products, dental, hearing, and vision care items. Stock up on drugstore health and wellness essentials like  heating pads, hearing aids, knee braces,  first aid supplies. 

Keep the medicine cabinet at the ready for any seasonal illnesses from flu & allergy,  indigestion, nausea and more. 

Store Store Type
Walgreens Click Link to See All FSA Eligible Items Sold at Walgreens
Hero Cosmetics Acne Patches for Those Pimple Emergencies
Revive Light Therapy Light Therapy for Beauty &/or Pain


Target FSA & HSA Store

Target shoppers, did you know that you can get your qualifying everyday health and wellness items with your FSA or HSA card at Explore 1000s of items including skin care, eye care, first aid, baby care and more now available over the counter with FSA and HSA. Explore the Target Health store full of qualifying items here

While exploring ‘Online FSA Stores That Accept FSA Dollars' is a great way to make the most of your FSA funds, if you're curious about Target's payment options, check out our article: ‘Does Target Take Afterpay?‘ Click here to learn more about Target's payment methods.

Eye Care: Glasses & Contacts

Vision correction glasses, contacts and readers are all FSA eligible at participating vision retailers. Find your favorite vision retailer in a our list of FSA/HSA approved online stores. 

Store Store Type
1-800 Contacts Contact Lenses
AC Lens Contact Lenses
Eye Direct Low-Cost, High-Quality Eyewear
Firmoo Eyeglasses & Sunglasses
Glasses Shop Prescription Eyeglasses Eyeglasses and Sunglasses With Prescription or Without and Contact Lenses.
Visit this page for details on how to use your purchase with your FSA card or without an FSA Debit card,
complete your order and will send you an itemized receipt after your purchase that
you can submit to your FSA or HSA provider.
Gunnar Optiks Blue Light Computer & Gaming Glasses Next Day Service + Free Shipping Eyeglasses, Blue Light Glasses, Sunglasses
Safety Glasses USA Safety Eyewear
Warby Paker Trendy Eyeglasses & Sunglasses
WebEyeCare Contacts & Lenses
Zenni Prescription Eyeglasses & Frames


Store Store Type
Byte At home full Teeth Aligner Treatment System (compare to Invisalign)
Candid Teeth Straightening Clear Aligners (compare to Invisalign)
Smile Direct Club Custom Clear Teeth Aligners Shipped to You; Premium Teeth Whitening Included


CPAP CPAP Machines & CPAP Masks for Sleep Related Breathing Disorders

Home Medical Equipment 

Store Store Type
Medical Supply Depot Assistive Furniture, Scooters, Bath Safety, Walking Aids, Incontinence Supplies, Wheelchairs & More
Health Products For You Medical Supplies & Medical Equipment
HealthmateForever TENS Units Are Nerve Stimulators for Pain Relief & Muscle Stimulators
Home Health Care Shoppe Home Healthcare | Cuff Shoulder, Plantar Fasciitis Socks, Bunion Aids, Braces & More
iRemedySupply Health & Medical Products | Diabetic Supplies, Exam Gloves & Medical Supplies
Revive Light Therapy Light Therapy for Beauty &/or Pain

Mental Health Services 

Brightside Anxiety & Depression Treatment Online From Licensed Psychiatric Providers & Therapists

Pregnancy: Post-Partem 

Aeroflow Breast Pumps

Sign up and receive FREE Aeroflow Breast Pump through your insurance.

How it works:

Provide your insurance information to discover breast pump coverage. Aeroflow verifies coverage and submits required paperwork. Pick a Top of the Line Breast Pump.

Health Products For You Maternity Wear & Post-partem Personal Care

Men Personal Care

Bath Mate Hydromax Pumps
flexible spending account


Online Stores That Accept FSA Dollars
Use It or Lose It: Online Stores That Accept FSA Dollars
Spend Your FSA Dollars At These Online Stores

You can actually stock up on FSA eligible health care and personal care items from anywhere (i.e. Walmart, Target), but you'll need to pay for them yourself with cash or a debit/credit card and then to submit your receipts to your Flexible Spending Account to be reimbursed for your FSA approved items.


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Thursday 23rd of May 2019 and have worked for me as well.


Friday 20th of April 2018

For OTC medications, such as ibuprofen like you mentioned, you have to have a prescription. Any item that contains a medication must have a prescription in order for you to use your FSA. That doesn't mean you have to get the med filled from the store's pharmacy, but they have to have it on file that you have a prescription.

Callie Threadgilll

Wednesday 3rd of August 2022

@GW, I don't think this is correct. I have purchased Ibuprofen, Aleve, Tylenol, and several sinus medicines with FSA card and no prescription.

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