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7 Budget-Friendly DIY Pest Control Tips & Tricks

7 Budget-Friendly DIY Pest Control Tips & Tricks

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Before turning to a professional pest control company to help you resolve your never-ending struggle with pests in your living spaces, you should determine the cost and explore other methods. While the price tag involved is contingent on various factors, the national average stands at $173 per visit, according to HomeAdvisor. 


While some homeowners may deem this recurring $173 to be a reasonable price point, the thought of funneling hundreds of dollars into professional pest control services only to fall victim to an infestation down the road can send a chill up any penny-pinching homeowner’s spine. 


According to Joshua’s Pest Control Company, the cost of pest control in San Diego will depend on the number and type of treatments, property size, and the kind of pest. Though the price will fluctuate depending on these factors, some homeowners may have an aversion to spending a substantial chunk of change on their pest control strategy. Luckily, there are DIY pest control methods you can try.

Pests you can exterminate yourself

Because pest infestations vary in severity, you should distinguish between those pests you can eradicate yourself from those requiring a professional touch. Some of the rodents and insects you can exterminate through DIY methods include ants, roaches, small rats, mice, or mosquitoes. 


Specifically, for ants, homeowners can eliminate these pesky home invaders using bait stations, bait gel or ant paste, or granular ant bait, if caught early. Instead of aimlessly spraying your home to get rid of roaches, store food away, clean grease, and regularly take the trash out. As for rodent infestations, trapping is your best bet. 

Pests that are DIY-resistant

Some of the pests resistant to DIY treatments include termites, bed bugs, and large rats. Bed bugs are so difficult to eradicate that even professional pest control companies struggle to eliminate them successfully. Since bed bug treatments are quite expensive, ensure that you get at least three estimates before committing to a local pest control provider. 


Note that you can’t successfully treat termites with DIY methods unless you plan to bulldoze your home, as it takes expert treatments and analysis to resolve the issue. Unlike with termite infestations, minor repellents and deterrents will successfully keep mosquitos at bay. However, in some cases, mosquito infestations may warrant professional intervention to reduce breeding sites and conduct habitat modification.

An all-purpose pest control method

At its core, diatomaceous earth kills multiple types of pests, including fleas, ants, and roaches. That said, homeowners can sprinkle it throughout their premises and watch these insects vanish before their very eyes. 


How does diatomaceous earth work? After ingesting diatomaceous earth, a household pest will dehydrate and eventually die. For a one-size-fits-all pesticide, opt for diatomaceous earth. After all, purchasing a different product for each insect variety can be unnecessary and quite costly.

Eliminate entry points

There are several ways to prevent rodents and household pests from gaining access to your living spaces. For example, homeowners can seal holes and cracks, block pipes and utility entry points, trim shrubbery and tree branches, routinely close garbage bins, and repair rotten roof shingles and fascia.

Don’t splurge on brand-name products

The additional price tag that comes with products from popular brands may be unnecessary, as these pesticides don’t necessarily work better than store or generic brand products. Upon further investigation, you may find that many cheaper, generic pest control products will yield comparable results.


Before choosing a pesticide for your living spaces, scan customer reviews to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck. Otherwise, you may find yourself with an infestation on your hands and fewer dollars in your pocket. 

Follow the directions carefully

It’s essential to carefully review the instructions before applying a chemical or natural pest control product to get the desired results. Pay attention to safety information directed at homes with pets and young children. You’ll also want to read the directions before use to determine the amount needed. 


Be warned that while you may feel tempted to stretch the product to save more money, this strategy could render the product ineffective.

Use natural remedies for mild infestations

Chances are you already have pest-fighting ingredients stored in your laundry room or pantry, so utilize them to save money. For instance, baking soda, ground cinnamon, cornmeal, a mixture of syrup and borax, and instant grits are believed to eradicate ants. A quick internet search will give you several natural recipes for controlling different pests. When relying on DIY pest control strategies, you can keep your home pest-free without spending an arm and a leg or draining your savings. 

Wrap up 

You can save a substantial sum of money by taking the time to explore different inexpensive pest control methods and affordably declaring war on the insects and rodents wreaking havoc on your living spaces. However, consider the level of difficulty and infestation before beginning treatment.


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