9 Things to Do To Avoid Heartbreak

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Nothing hurts more than heartbreak. No medication can treat a heartbreak; neither is there a painkiller to ease the pain. It’s only time that has the magic of curing the tormenting feeling. When falling in love, you expect everything to be right. Fantastic feeling beside your other half. After all, you have found love, and you have a right to be happy.

However, there is nothing like a perfect human being. We all make a mistake at one time or another. This happens in relationships too. When you enter the love circle, you will be hurt at times. You are two different people with varying traits. You may have a different taste for meals, fashion, hobbies, among others.

Due to your differences and expectations, heartbreak is likely to occur. But how can you avoid the immense pain? Below are things to do to prevent heartbreak.

1. Do Not Expect Too Much

The higher your expectations are, the more you are likely to get hurt. Don’t put too much hope on your partner that you forget to be realistic. Your priorities may be different, and therefore, you should not expect much.

2. Get a Palm Reading

Palm reading can be of great help when it comes to heartbreak. It will be a wise move to get professional help to avoid such a calamity. By looking at the love line (heart line), an experienced palm reader will let you know whether you will face heartbreak and how to prevent it.

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3. Avoid a Rebound Relationship

To prove that you have recovered from a previous heartbreak, you might find yourself in a rebound relationship. In this case, you haven’t studied your new partner well. You must avoid getting involved with another person before the previous heartbreak is completely healed. Most often, rebound dating results in more heartbreak.

4. Be Ready to Compromise

To have a healthy relationship, you must compromise. You must remain on the same page to avoid disagreements. Sometimes you may not agree on some things, but you can find common ground together. Be ready to adjust to have a peaceful relationship.

5. Be Honest with Yourself from the Start

Do not ignore even the tiniest warning that you are with the wrong partner. It’s best to start another healthy relationship than to continue with the toxic one. You may overlook the smallest detail that will end up causing heartbreak. The longer you ignore the problems, the deeper the heartbreak.

6. Communicate Openly

Communication is the pillar of any relationship. It varies from expressions to walking style to words. In this case, communicate with your partner in a manner that they will feel loved and appreciated. Communication will help you know when something is bothering your partner. You will also understand what your partner’s expectations in the relationship are.

7. Respect One Another

Lack of respect will always lead to break-ups. Always be respectful, no matter the situation. Respect builds a relationship in a healthy way. In case of an argument, avoid name-calling.

Cheating is another act of lack of respect. Your spouse will feel betrayed and unrespected when you cheat on them. Extend respect to their family, beliefs, views, and opinions.

8. Work Towards the Same Goal

Let your goals be known to your spouse. It’s common to have different opinions, but you can develop a way to work together. Working alone to achieve your goals will only portray mistrust between you.

Although you should work together, neither of you should denounce their goals to please the other. By doing so, you will never be happy, and you may lose the respect you have for your partner and be resentful.

9. Walk Away

If you feel that you cannot take it anymore, walk away with your head held high. There is no point in holding on to someone who finds satisfaction in hurting you. Forcing love will only lead to heartbreak.

No one is perfect, but you should not use the imperfection to inflict pain on other people. You should expect a heartbreak at one time or another. Concentrate on how to improve your relationship and avoid things that can cause a wedge between you and your partner.










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