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12 Unexpected Flower Ideas & Tips For An Outdoor Wedding

12 Unexpected Flower Ideas & Tips For An Outdoor Wedding

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The types of outdoor wedding flowers you choose can drastically change the look and feel of any wedding venue. This is even more true with outdoor weddings. In many cases outdoor wedding venues remain rather plain. That is, of course, until unique outdoor wedding ideas are called into action. The following tips are designed to help you transform your back yard and park wedding venues from meh to wow!


 Try to imagine a wedding without flowers. It can’t be done! All wedding decoration ideas can (and should) involve the strategic use of flowers. We’re going to show you how.



1. Floating Flowers

If you are fortunate to have a pond or pool featured at your outdoor wedding, use outdoor wedding flowers to put the extra into ordinary. Craft a significantly-sized raft and heap on the florals. Design this just like you would design a centerpiece for an artistic effect. Or, use the opportunity to display a huge monogram. 

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2. Rustic Floral Runners

Outdoor wedding flower arrangements can include every aspect of your wedding decor. Tables are no exception. Replace your linen table runners with a stretch of moss. This incredibly natural look will compliment many wedding themes as long as you choose the right flowers and pots to top the runner.

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3. Flower Halos 

The bride won’t be left out when dealing with outdoor floral decor. Her bouquet is a no brainer, but don’t forget about the hairpiece. The outdoors is the perfect setting for a halo of flowers. Just make sure to balance the look with the gown, hair and accessories so that the greens and petals aren’t overpowering.

Floral Halo Boho Flower Headband Floral Crown Headpiece Hair Wreath with Ribbon Wedding Party Prom Photos Festival Purple by Vivivalue

4. Living Ceilings

Most outdoor weddings will provide tents to offer protection from the weather. Standard outdoor wedding ceremony ideas involve including tent space into the overall design. Achieve this by covering the structural beams with vines or ferns. Sprinkle in some rope LEDs for a perfectly romantic appeal.


5. Flowerful Archways & Backdrops

One beautiful aspect of outdoor flower arrangements is how photogenic they are. Whether your ceremony will happen in front of an archway, gable, or backdrop wall, you can’t go wrong with accentuating the structure with flowers. Clever petal colors and greenery will make photos of the bride and groom pop in wonderful ways.

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6. Fountain of Growth

If a pond or pool is out of reach, the next best thing is a rented fountain. Choose longer outdoor floral arrangements that mimic the cascading characteristics of water for a playful look. Douse the surface of the water with floating lilies and candles. There’s nothing quite like candle light reflecting off the surface of water.

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7. Pomme D'ambre Power

No one will argue the visual appeal of flower themed wedding, but there’s another aspect to take advantage of. It’s well recorded that smell is the sense most closely linked to memories. Create an unforgettable event with flowered globes stuffed with the scent of citrus and spice.

8. Planting with Light

Compliment this lighting and table settings by adding blossoms to your chandeliers and succulents to your centerpieces. Make sure to keep it tasteful. Using all of the reception flowers arrangement ideas is a recipe for way too much. The goal is a splash of nature, not to make your guests feel like they are eating off of the ground.

9. Heavenly Harvest 

When imagining florals, there is a category that often goes overlooked: fruits and veggies. Apples, oranges, grapes, asparagus, cherries, and many others are perfect candidates to make your table settings pop. Bundle fruits and veggies with your favorite flowers for a look that never fails at whetting the appetite, perfect for a fall theme wedding

10. Practical Potted Plants 

Outdoor flowers can also be used to organize your ceremony and reception areas. Make use of large potted plants to designate food and entertainment stations. Larger flowers, ferns, or trees are easy to spot and will lead the eye to where people need to go. Flowers are also an excellent way to frame the aisle way for that walk down the aisle. 

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11. Gazebo Your Own Way 

Many couples choose public parks for the space, the view, and the gazebo. In almost every case, whatever you do to the gazebo cannot be permanent. This limits your options when it comes to decor, but flowers will never let you down. Hanging and potted plants are easy to bring in and remove, and can completely transform the space.

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12.Bring The Destination To You

Destination weddings aren’t always a feasible option for couples. Many choose to bring the destination to their own backyard. Attire, music, and food, including a beautiful wedding cake  will get you most of the way there. Delivering the entire experience requires wedding decorations with flowers. Simply Google the locations you’re trying to emulate and pay attention to the flowers in the photos.


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KD Flowers

Tuesday 29th of December 2020

Love these ideas!

Going to suggest some of them especially the flower archway to my wedding flower clients.

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