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Thank You Cards

I consider myself a very polite person. I say please, thank you, excuse me, and even bless you to random sneezers – including my dog.

But over the years, I’ve found myself slipping in one area of politeness. I’ve been quite remiss in sending out thank you cards. Don’t get me wrong, I always acknowledge acts of generosity and kindness from friends and family. But over the years my gratitude is most often expressed in the form of a phone call or email or text.

I’m going to change that and start sending out thank you cards via snail mail. I know that on the rare occasion I receive a thank you card, it means a lot to me that someone took time from their day to write out a thank you card and mail it. They cared. And it usually makes my day.

I could easily buy a package of generic cards that simply say “Thank You” and write my message inside. Or I could take it up a notch and have very unique Thanks You cards that express my gratitude as well as my personality. I can include my name, photos – however, I want to design them.

Using, I was able to find Thank You cards that can be designed for specific occasions. I can order cards that specifically thank people for their wedding shower gift or attending my kids Bar Mitzvah. Or, as  I let my recently-married girlfriend know, there is a huge selection of budget wedding invitations and Thank You cards she can choose from that include thanks from her and her new hubby. They can include a photo and the couple’s name and any sentiment they choose.

There are hundreds of of gorgeous pre-designed templates or you can easily upload your own design to make it completely unique. Cards with pre-designed templates offer some customization including choosing from a variety of colors, the type of paper and the quantity needed.

You can also order a free sample, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting before you place your order.

The best part is that most prices start as low as .84 cents a card. I’ve been paying upwards of $4.00 a card when I buy Thank You cards individually at the store. So, not only am I saving a lot of money, I’m getting something truly personal.

And, because is online, I can easily reorder more cards from my stored design or try out a whole new look..

So, now I have an easy and stylish way to express my thanks to those who went out of their way for me. Thank You BasicInvites for enabling me to be more thankful and ultimately a little more polite.

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