Home Savvy: 5 New Tech-Trends Your Kitchen Must Have

5 New Tech-Trends Your Kitchen Must Have

Technological advancements have been the critical epitome in our current generation. Technology has been integrated on all aspects of human life ranging from medical systems, transport, information and communication and recently, in the house. For example, we have seen the water heater systems for bathroom showers. In this article, we will thus discuss five new technology trends that one should install in his/her kitchen to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow in the kitchen.

High tech refrigerators

In the recent past, fridges were just simple machines that kept food fresh by the adoption of low-temperature storage. However, with advancements in technology, we have seen the introduction of fridges that have incorporated a user interface on the doors that have been developed to tell you when an item stored in the refrigerator is about to reach its expiry date. Companies have also developed refrigerators that can tell you the groceries that you need to purchase. They base this grocery list on the items that you already have in your fridge thus analyze to see what you lack. And if that is not enough, a fridge that will allow you to purchase your groceries from any suitable online grocery store of your choice has been developed.

Automated kitchen faucets

Forget the old faucets that required you to turn the knob whenever you wanted to get water flowing or when you wanted to turn off the water after you are done using the tap. Automated kitchen faucets use motion sensor technology. They sense when your hands are below the drain and thus open the tap valves automatically. Once done, and you withdraw your hands from below the faucet, the sensors automatically detect this and shut the valves. You can also check featured on kitchenfaucets.reviews that contains more information concerning the functionality of the automated kitchen faucets and their prices too.

Thermometer probes

For some people, purchasing an oven can be a hard task due to their high prices. Scientists have thus come up with the thermometer probe. The device acts as an oven. It is put into the cooking food and detects the temperature the food is being subjected to. The device continually reads the temperature and sends signals to your cell phone whenever the temperatures are high or low thus calling for adjusting of the heat source.

Smart Coffee Machine

With the ordinarily available coffee machines, one goes to the machine and prepares your drink by setting all your drink preferences manually. However, with the smart coffee machine, you can make your drink from the comfort of for example your bedroom by just using your phone. The device is linked to your phone and thus responds to the commands given by your phone. You can set your drink preferences from your phone, and you need to go to the machine only after your drink has been prepared. More advanced coffee machines have been developed with software that determines how much caffeine you need in your coffee. They determine the caffeine amount needed by studying sleep patterns got from your Jawbone UP sleep tracker which will state if you got enough sleep or not.


The machine was developed with the purpose of freeing humans off dishwashing duties. The product washes the dishes and even determines the amount of dishwashing detergent required for the process based on the number of dishes in it. The machine is also developed in a manner such that it will not produce a lot of noise while accomplishing its task.

The above-listed features are the new technological advancements that one can employ in his/her kitchen. They will ease the amount of labor in the kitchen and to also ensure efficiency of processes carried out in the kitchen. In the coming future, more technological advancements for the kitchen are set to come.

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