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How to Further Your Career in Healthcare as a Mom

How to Further Your Career in Healthcare as a Mom

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Moms have many worries, and one of them happens to be about getting the right balance. They want to be able to spend time with their kids as well as retain a sense of self in the process. However, the reality of managing a home filled with children is that you have bills to pay and a limited amount of time to give.

Nevertheless, it is possible to pursue a career of your dreams without neglecting your responsibilities as a mother.

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With that being said, here is how you can further the career of your dreams in healthcare as a busy mom.

Research Career Options

To begin with, if you want to further your healthcare career, start by thinking about exactly what you want to do. There are so many directions that you could go in, so decide where you see yourself and what would bring you the most joy. Here are a couple of ideas to think about.

Aspire for a Promotion: It is unlikely that someone desires to stay in the same role from when they start their career to when they retire. In light of this, perhaps it’s time for you to pursue a promotion. Think about what role you would like to be promoted to and what it will take to get there. Some things you may need to do to get a promotion are being a team player, showing leadership potential, and advocating for yourself.

Further Your Education: When you further your education, there are many more doors of opportunity that could open up to you. As a nurse, you have a range of educational options to choose from such as the online CNM program, especially if you’re interested in midwifery. Not only could it give you greater opportunities, but it is also a way of expanding your knowledge.

Change Your Sector: If you’re dissatisfied with your career, then you may need to change your sector altogether. However, before doing that, think about doing research so that you know it’s the best move for you to make. If, for instance, you are into consulting, you may want to try something more hands-on like nursing. A successful career change often requires improving your skills as well as getting the right knowledge.

Set Goals

When it comes to furthering your career as a busy mom, one of the first steps you may want to take is setting goals. This will help you understand exactly what it is you want to achieve and how you can make it work around being a mom. Here are some elements to include when you begin setting your goals.

  • Timeframe: If you don’t put a timeframe to your goals, then you may not have the urgency needed to make them a reality. Decide when you want to achieve your goals by and how you’ll go about it. When setting a timeframe, you want to be realistic and give yourself enough time. However, you also don’t want to push it so far back that you begin procrastinating.
  • Be Realistic: When setting goals, it’s crucial that you’re realistic. You want to know that these goals are ones that you can attain, and you also want to manage your expectations. Think about your lifestyle and what it will take to achieve your goals.

Decide on Your Priorities

One of the greatest challenges you may face when trying to further your career in healthcare is balancing and learning to prioritize. You may wonder where you’ll find time to pursue your goals in the midst of paying bills, helping kids with homework and meal prep. Nevertheless, you may need a few extra hands to achieve your goals.

This could mean asking your partner to take on more responsibilities around the house if you happen to have one. It could also require that you ask family or friends to help on days where you aren’t able to take up everything on your own. Also, be easy on yourself as some days you won’t get the balance right, and you’ll give more attention to your career than you will your kids and vice versa.


When you’re furthering your education or changing careers, it’s crucial that you budget. This is because, without one, you could end up having one more thing to worry about, which is finances. Determine what it will cost you to further your career, such as paying for another degree.

In the same respect, you may need to take more time off of work, which could equally affect your income. This is where planning and budgeting come into play as a way of ensuring there is still stability while you pursue your career advancement.

Be Organized

To keep your stress levels low, it’s essential that you stay organized. Be able to separate work and home life by coming up with a timetable or schedule. In terms of how to be organized, you could use a diary if you don’t do so already. Technology also helps you schedule in your appointments and set reminders for important meetings, deadlines, or events.

Allocate extra time for work or study as well as quality time for the kids. You should also note that you may have to make sacrifices while you’re pursuing your goals. However, keep motivated by reminding yourself that you are not just doing this to better your family financially but to also challenge yourself personally.

Create a Support System

The last tip for furthering your career in healthcare is to create a support system for yourself. This is because things can get hectic, and you need people to keep you going when you become overwhelmed or want to give up. This could consist of family and friends who are aware of what you’re trying to achieve. Always be open to asking for help or talking to someone that you trust as your mental health is important.

It is possible to pursue the career of your dreams with a family, it will take more planning and patience, but in the end, you’ll get there if you’re consistent. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re inspired to take the steps needed to get started.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.