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How to Make Money With Your Tech Skills: The Best Information Technology Jobs

How to Make Money With Your Tech Skills: The Best Information Technology Jobs

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Are you are great with computers and understanding the latest technology? Then you should consider turning that into a great money-making career. There are many different types of careers in information technology. How do you know which one is right for you?

Keep reading for a guide on some information technology jobs that are worth it for you to pursue.

1. Data Architect

A data architect is in charge of designing data and maintaining it across different databases and information systems. Their goal is to make sure that the data in a database or system is up to date and available when needed. 

Data architects need to use their knowledge and skills in analytics to decide if the data is being handled well and as efficiently as possible. They also decide if new methods should be implemented and make improvements to the current systems. 

If you like working as a team then a career as a data architect might be right for you. Educational requirements usually include a bachelor's degree in information systems, computer science or information technology. Some higher-level positions may require furthering your education by acquiring a master's degree in data analytics.

2. Site Reliability Engineer

A site reliability engineer is in charge of making sure that their organization's website is running smoothly and efficiently. They also ensure that the site is serving its intended purpose and monitoring it for improvements. 

A site reliability engineers work to maintain the websites and often update and troubleshoot them when needed. This will help avoid unnecessary interruptions in their functionality. To be a successful site reliability engineer you need to be familiar with several different programming languages. For instance Javascript, CSS, HTML, and other website management technology. 

If you enjoy working together as a team towards the same goal or learning the latest technologies, then this might be the right career for you. To stay current with the latest technology, you can learn some extra skills by taking some IT Training courses. These will keep you trained with the latest trends and advancements. 

3. Software Engineer

A software engineer will design, develop or test computer programs for use on various operating systems. Some of these systems are used in video games, social networks, business applications, and network control systems. 

When working in this field you will find that there is a large variety of careers and roles that are available. You could work for a large corporation advancing their databases and networks. A smaller company might have unique, specialized software. There are also many available positions at government agencies and defense contractors. 

These roles are typically part of a team working alongside other engineers and administrators. 

4. Data Administrator

A data administrator is in charge of making sure their organizations' data is accurate. The database must also run at the expectation of the organization. This is achieved by organizing and managing the data and information stored in the database. 

These data administrators need to be sure that the hardware and software are being maintained. This is done by monitoring vital information and how it is stored, used and accessed. They will also be in charge of maintaining the security of the company's data while working with a team of IT personnel. 

There are some basic education requirements for this field. These usually include a bachelor's degree in computer science or database administration. Many employers might also request an MBA focused on computer information systems, database management, or management information systems.

5. Business Intelligence Developer

A business intelligence developer is in charge of making sure the database and information system is running well. They also work towards the goal of getting the most out of the database's storage, usage, and data flow in their corporation. 

They need to use a variety of skills to perform different tasks daily. Some of these tasks are designing and coding systems, troubleshooting and analyzing the system and managing their own team of professionals. 

To do well in this field, you should have at least a bachelor's degree in computer science or information systems. As well as a degree in business administration or business intelligence. 

6. Applications Architect

An applications architect will determine if a software project fits well within the company's business strategy and within its technology structure. 

Most large companies will need an applications architect to work on integrating applications that already exist into newer projects and making sure they transition smoothly. In this role, you might be expected to design different aspects of the applications. This might include the interface, middleware and the infrastructure. 

Education requirements for this field is a bachelor's degree in information technology, computer science, or information systems. Depending on the company and level of position, a master's degree might be required. 

7. Web Developer

A career in web developer will have you planning website layouts, coding web pages, collecting and creating new web content. You will also test the website for good user experience and great performance. 

A web developer has to be experienced in different coding languages. This is important to be able to create different details of the websites and their applications. To create these complicated applications you should be familiar with server programming languages. 

A bachelor's degree in computer programming, information systems or computer science is needed. A master's degree is often preferred to advance in the field. 

Learn More About Information Technology Jobs Today!

These are some of the many information technology jobs that are worth pursuing. Especially if you are great with computers and keep up with the latest technologies. 

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