How to Save When Buying a Marble Countertop or Kitchen Island

How to Save When Buying a Marble Countertop or Kitchen Island

Some people have stress levels that are directly proportional to how clean their kitchens are. You may be guffawing or snorting on your chair after hearing this idea, but it is definitely true. To such people, the cleanliness of their kitchens should be maintained to a high level. You, however, who are not one of the abovementioned people, should also always keep your kitchen spic-and-span. Bacteria and viruses may germinate along the wet nooks and crannies of your kitchen if you don’t regularly clean it.

There are many ways to make your kitchen look good and clean, and one way is to ensure that your kitchen looks spotlessly white. This will allow you to readily see any dirt or stain in it. The best way, however, to have a spotless kitchen is to have your kitchen marbled or marbleized. Of course, when it comes to a refined kitchen, adorning your kitchen with white marble countertops and kitchen islands would readily make your kitchen look immaculately white.

But Marble is Expensive!

Marble may be expensive and buying marble countertops and kitchen islands may put a dent in your savings. However, you can buy high quality countertops and kitchen islands even if you are on a budget — you simply need to know where to purchase them! Retail furniture stores, for example, may offer clearance discounts and holiday sales, and sometimes thrift furniture stores and recycled furniture stores may offer garage sales.

But to really help you find cheap marble furniture, you should follow these simple tips:

  1. Directly Visit Some Countertops Factories

This advice is the opposite of buying from home improvement retail stores. The reason for this is that countertops that are on display at home improvement stores are already expensive because of the cumulative costs super-imposed by middlemen on the furniture products. However, if you directly buy marble countertops from fabricators, you’ll be able to save because their asking prices are cheaper than those displayed in home improvement stores, sans those superimposed charges. In fact, you can purchase countertops and kitchen islands there at very low factory prices.

  1. Watch Out for Yard Sales

If you are on a lookout for cheaper kitchen furniture, you can chance upon cheaper marble countertops and kitchen islands at yard sales. Moreover, you can still haggle for prices at yard sales, and if you have that suave ability for haggling, you may indeed succeed in getting that furniture at a much lower price.

  1. Marbleize Your Whole Kitchen

If you would like a marbled island and countertops, plan to marbleize your whole kitchen! You may not believe it, but fabricators are more likely to give you discounts if you have your whole kitchen marbleized. Having your whole kitchen marbleized is like bulk buying — it allows you to get good deals and discounts.

  1. Purchase Remnants of Marble for Your Countertops

Before buying a whole set of countertops and kitchen islands, ask the fabricators if they have marble remnants from another project. Fabricators may offer these remnant marble pieces cheaply, allowing you to use these remnants for creating small countertops. This would allow you to have your own marble countertops and kitchen islands without necessarily draining your savings.

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