How to Sell Old Textbooks


As a student, life is one constantly rush between assignments, tests and keeping up with finances. Juggling a student loan and managing within your funding can be difficult and is made only more catastrophic thanks to the high cost of textbooks that are vital to your course. You need to make the most out of the money you’ve spent on your books by being able to sell them again at a good price.

Here’s how you can do that.

Keep your Textbooks in Good Condition

It goes without saying, but the best way to get value out of your textbooks when you sell them again is to keep them in near-mint condition. The best way to do this is to take extra care when you use them. Don’t keep any food or beverages around when you are using them to minimize risks of spillage. Don’t keep them anywhere near little kids or pets so that the pages don’t get scribbled on or shredded. And definitely do not use them as a tray or stand for other articles.

Avoid Writing Inside Textbooks

If you want someone to buy your old textbooks, it makes a better sell if the textbook is free of any writing. A new-looking textbook will always fetch a price that’s closer to its original value than one that has been heavily underlined and marked. If you want to be able to take notes on your textbook, use sticky notes instead and pencil in information you want captured. You can also use a pencil to lightly mark any notes on pages and then erase them all out before you sell, but that is a more time-consuming task.

Use Digital Versions of your Textbooks

No, we don’t mean piracy. You can take an image of your textbook page and convert that into text that you can store right on your smartphone or mobile device. Devices that use optical character recognition can do this for you quite easily. All you need to do is take a snapshot of the page and then use the app or device to convert it for you into text that you can then manipulate in a digital note taking app. This will simplify your study method and also keep your textbook stain free for a better buy.

Find a Reseller with Good Value

There are plenty of resellers out there who will give you good value for your books as they are directly in touch with other students who are looking out for good condition textbooks for less. You can contact a reseller like Booksrun, who will quote a price for your books, ship them out for you at no extra cost and even take care of paying you for your books after everything is done. Services like these are reliable and let you focus on your studies while all the hard work of making sure you get value out of your used textbooks is managed by them.

Make the most out of your old textbooks by treating them well so that you can enjoy the returns. Just take care of them well through your semester, and store them neatly so that you can sell them later. By passing on your old books, you are giving another person a chance to purchase something at a lower cost, helping them out as well.

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