How To Choose The Perfect Ceiling Fan For Your Home

With the advent of the summer ceiling fan becomes a must-have home appliance. Before the invention of the air conditioner, ceiling fans were the main source of cooling for many homes.

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With time the air conditioner becomes a little common and the demand for the ceiling fan gradually decreased. But the biggest problem that people face in operating the air conditioner is the huge power consumption. When the power consumption of a ceiling fan at its highest speed is about 75 watts the air conditioner consumes 2000 watts on an average.  With rising energy cost it becomes problematic to run air conditioners and hence people are rediscovering energy-saving ceiling fans as a means of controlling the cost of air conditioning without sacrificing comfort. But when buying the ceiling fans you must know all the factors that will help you to buy the right ceiling fan for your residence. That is the reason why in this article we have come up with some effective tips that you must follow while purchasing a ceiling fan for your home.

Tips to buy the right ceiling fan for your home

The following are some essential factors that you must keep in mind while going to purchase a ceiling fan in your office or home:

  1. Considering the price of fan: Before you go to buy a ceiling fan you must know your budget because the ceiling fan comes in a variety of prices. You can get ceiling fans from $50 to over $1500 but it does not mean that a low-cost ceiling fan will not be able to complete cooling to your residence.
  2. Location of your ceiling fan: At the time of purchasing a ceiling fan you must know where you are going to put the fan in your home or office. Different location inside a room is exposed to different weather condition and as such the location of the ceiling fan will certainly affect the performance and life of a fan. This ceiling fan for the porch can never be the same as that of living rooms or bedrooms or offices.
  3. Size of the ceiling fan: The next thing that you need to consider is the size of the ceiling fan. In the market, you will get a ceiling fan that ranges from 14 inches to 72 inches. The correct size of the ceiling fan depends on the size and height of the room for which you are purchasing the ceiling fan. Hence before you go to purchase a ceiling fan for your home you must find out the square footage of the room and then calculate the ceiling height. Generally, it is observed that the ceiling fan installed at a height of 8 to 10 feet performs well.
  4. Light on a ceiling fan: It is a matter of personal choice whether to add lighting or not in the ceiling fan. If you need to install the ceiling fan in the room where there good natural lighting or have sufficient light fixtures then you can buy the ceiling without a light kit in it. Nowadays you can get a ceiling fan with a wide range of lighting sources such as halogen, LEDs, fluorescent, etc. LED light consumes a very little amount of energy and its average life span is about 50,000 hours. Ceiling fans that have halogen generally emits a warm light whose average life span is 1500 hours. Fluorescent i.e., CFL bulbs emit cool light whose average life span is about 10,000 hours. Hence, it is your personal choice of what type of light you will choose for your ceiling fan.    
  5. Styles and finishes of the fan: Lastly, you should choose the ceiling fan based on its looks so that the fan becomes competent with your home décor effortlessly. Hence at the time of purchasing the ceiling fan, you must judge how much the looks of the fan will match the style and décor of your home. In the market you will get a variety of designs such as antique design, contemporary design, rustic design, tropical design, etc. once you choose the right style of your fan you must also have a look at its color and finishes as well before buying it.   

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