Small Kitchen Storage Ideas to Try Out

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When your kitchen is bursting out of the seams, your cooking efficiency can also be affected. No one likes to continuously trip onto items as they are conducting their kitchen business – and keeping things nice and organized will also make your kitchen feel more spacious.

small kitchen storage

As a result, if you are tired of stepping into a small kitchen that feels overly cluttered, here are a few ideas that will allow you to squeeze some extra storage in.

1. Pegboard Under Cabinets

If you are lacking overall space, you might want to try mounting a pegboard under your cabinets or in your cooking area. This way, you may hang all of your essentials so that they no longer take any cabinet space. Plus, not only will they be easier to reach and grab, but the vertical aspect will also give your kitchen a feeling of more space. 

2. Stackable Shelves

Most cabinets have about two shelves on which you can stack your essentials – but in most of the cases, those shelves are actually quite high. Thus, a lot of storage space is wasted simply because the upper area of the shelf is left unused. This is why you might want to try out stackable shelves that you can attach to your in-built-cabinet shelves. Once you do that, they will practically double up your shelf space, all while helping you stay organized.

3. Above-Cabinet Baskets

Unless you have a particularly high set of cabinets, the chances are that you will have quite a lot of unused space between the top of your cabinets and your ceiling. In this regard, you might want to take a few baskets and stash up your items there. To ensure that the kitchen does not look weird or cluttered, you might want to choose baskets of the same color and design – therefore, giving your kitchen a feeling of consistency. This will also make your kitchen look bigger.

4. Hanging Baskets on Pot Rails

A good way to create some extra storage space is to add a pot rail under your kitchen cabinets. For one, it will give you a place where you may keep your things organized – but at the same time, you will also get a way to hang a few baskets. How you fill those baskets, it’s entirely up to you. You may pack them with spices or whatever you need readily available, or you may pack them with fruits and vegetables so that they stay fresh. 

5. File Holders on Cabinet Doors

If you have any unused file holders or organizers in your home office, you might want to try mounting them inside a cabinet door. This will give you enough space to store narrow items such as your saran wrap, your foil, or any other similar wrapping items. 

One more efficient way to use a file organizer would be to store items such as your cutting board and other similar kitchen tools. This way, instead of wasting counter space by storing horizontally, you will save space by storing vertically. It will also help you stay organized more efficiently.

6. Tension Rods

Spray bottles are continuously cluttering under the sink? Use a tension rod to put some order into them. Plus, once your sprays will be hanging onto the rod neatly, you will have all the necessary space to store other items on the actual shelf that you just freed up. 

7. Wall-Mounted Dish Drainer

If you have a small kitchen, the chances are that you also have a small sink – which makes it quite difficult for you to dry all your dishes. This leaves you forced to dry everything on the countertop – something that might be inconvenient at points. This is why, instead of drying then on an average dish drainer, try going for a wall-mounted one. This way, you will be using wall space that would have normally gone to waste, and you’ll be able to use the countertop space however you want. 

Final Thoughts

Even a small kitchen can feel like it has quite a lot of storage space. You just need to know how to organize everything so that no empty area is left to waste. Visit this website to find useful ideas for your kitchen.

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