Top 5 DIY Tricks for Decorating on a Budget

Here are some designer secrets (sssshhh!) that you can easily do at home on a budget.

Stitch Witchery

My Top 5-Drapery Stitch Witchery Collage

  1. Stitch Witchery: If you haven’t heard of this, welcome to the 20th century!

No more sewing! No more paying for custom drapery! Stitch witchery is so simple and easy. Cut the amount you want to use, insert the stitch witchery inside the seam of the drapery and press down with the iron for 10 seconds in one spot. Slowly move around the entire area until the stitch witchery holds the seams together. (I recommend placing a thin, damp cloth between the iron and the area, to ensure the fabric does not burn.) Viola! It’s that simple. You can this little gem at your local Walmart, Joann's Fabrics or Hobby Lobby.

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Cleaning Glass Fixtures

My Top 5-Ceiling fan dishwasher

  1. Need an easy way to clean your ceiling fan globes or glass fixtures? Throw them in the dishwasher. Place them by themselves with regular dishwashing soap and you'll see them come out sparkling and shiny!

Repurpose Old Calendars

My Top 5- Calendar DIY art Collage

  1. I love, love this next idea—it’s one of my absolute best design-on-a-dime ideas.

Find any calendar that you absolutely love OR one that goes with your style of the room at that time and frame the pictures. You can make a collage or just a few across a large wall for about $5-$12. Use some frames from a yard sale or the Dollar Store. You can make a huge statement for a small amount of money. I love this idea for kid’s rooms—you can find a calendar of any of their favorite characters, baby vintage art or teen idols and frame them and Bam! Instant wall art! You can find modern cool abstract calendar art and get some cool modern black frames and that's it! Barnes & Noble, grocery stores and even old thrift shops have some really cool calendars!

Clip Cord Organizers

My Top 5- Clip Cord Ogranizer

  1. Organize all your cords with regular old office clips. You can get them anywhere like Office Depot, Walmart of even the Dollar Store (in bulk). They keep all your cords in place and keep them from falling behind your desk or hard-to-reach places. Love this!

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Spray Paint

My Top 5-spray painted Collage

  1. Last but not least…good ole trusty spray paint! When I can’t find the exact color of something I want or when I want an easy way to change the look of an oldie but goodie—Krylon, here I come! You can find an amazing array of colors at either Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot or Lowe's…but get some assistance—you know they lock those bad boys up! 🙂

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