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Up Your Bedroom Style with Hidden Gems from Wayfair

Up Your Bedroom Style with Hidden Gems from Wayfair

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You may be familiar with many of the home furnishing and decor offerings from Wayfair, but these hidden gems are the perfect pieces for your bedroom you just haven’t heard of yet!

If you’re looking to redo a room in your home to give the whole space a new sense of freshness, the bedroom is a great place to start. You can have a wonderful bedroom refresh without breaking the bank and without running the risk of it looking like just any other bedroom by investing in pieces from Wayfair. A Wayfair bedroom is a stylish bedroom, especially if you go for some Wayfair hidden gems. From a mattress that feels like a cloud coupled with a sophisticated upholstered bed, to a unique rug and bedroom bench that will show off your personal style, Wayfair has what you need to make your bedroom an oasis. You can also pick up an entire bedroom set to give your room a sense of cohesion, or add a splash of color with a gorgeous piece of wall art for master bedrooms. If you’re interested in styling your bedroom with Wayfair hidden gems, here’s what you should look for.

Gel Infusion Mattress

Getting a comfortable new mattress is top of mind for many bedroom refreshes, but mattresses can be costly. This Gel Infusion Mattress from Wayfair is an ideal hidden gem at an even more ideal, affordable price. Plus, it’ll support better sleep and reduce the possibility of back pain while you’re sleeping.

Geneva Upholstered Bed

To go with your new mattress, you’ll want to give your bed an update. If you’re still sleeping on a wooden bed or a bed with no headboard, make the upgrade to a sophisticated, tufted upholstered bed like the Geneva Upholstered Bed from Wayfair. This style is timeless yet modern, and will give your bedroom an instant classy look.



Basalt Bedroom Set

If you want to re-do your whole bedroom in one fell swoop and keep everything consistent within the same style, a bedroom set is a great way to go. This Basalt Bedroom Set is a hidden gem from Wayfair that includes a double dresser with a mirror, a bedside table, and a chic, low-profile bed.



Abstract Area Rug

A great way to add a little personality to your space or break up a larger bedroom is by employing the use of an area rug. If you shy away from bolder patterns, this Riordan Abstract Rug is a great way to go. It’s got a unique pattern, but uses neutral colors, so it doesn’t demand too much attention.



Fashion Paint Cans Art

No room is complete without a bit of art on the walls to make the space feel comfy and personalized. These Fashion Paint Cans wall prints add style and sophistication to your bedroom space.



Upholstered Bedroom Bench

Looking for a chic way to add more storage and seating to your bedroom? This Bretton Upholstered Bedroom Bench is a Wayfair hidden gem that does both! Put it at the foot of your bed for a space that works.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.