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Freshen Up Your At-Home Mood With New Art

Freshen Up Your At-Home Mood With New Art

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With so much time spent at home, there's never been a better time to hit refresh on the decor and update the art on your walls. From curating gallery walls to larger statement pieces, here are all the ways to add new art to your home to give it a unique look without breaking the bank.

Modern Abstract Painting on Canvas Colorful Posters and Print Scandinavian Wall Art Picture for Living Room Home Decoration 75x150cm(30x60in) InnerFrame

Do you desire a new artistic look for your home? With our pick of top affordable wall art, you can flex your creativity at a fraction of the cost. From low prices to buy home pay later options, you’ll have the art decor of your dreams.

Buy Now Pay Later Home Decor 

Saatchi Art

saatchi art 

Experience the power of abstract art with Saatchi wall art. The site offers a variety of different paintings like street and pop art, acrylic paintings, and city landscape oil paintings. If you’re looking for more of a natural style, check out the botanical wall art filled with foliage, flowers, and autumn trees.

Saatchi artist also specializes in portraits of people. You can get these canvases in the medium of photographs, oil paintings, drawings, you name it! If you’re looking for more of a modern image, check out their digital sections where artists make digital prints. 

Saatchi Art 


Shop original art decor from artists around the world with Artfinder. You’ll discover painters from everywhere, creating beautiful works of wall art for your home. This site also uses Affirm, letting you pay these artists over monthly installments. 

Pick between nature-styled canvases, oceanic looks, bright abstract art, 2D looks, 3D looks, and much more. Artfinder organizes their products by artist, letting you see what each one has to offer. If there’s a specific artist you enjoy, you can have access to all their work. Be prompt, though! These paintings sell fast. 




 At minted, get the chance to experience the fine custom art you’ve always wanted. Like Artfinder, minted allows you to peruse several artists’ work. The best part is that you’ll be supporting independent artists!

With custom designs, you can find art decor that fits perfectly for your kids with children’s art. In these pieces, you’ll find cute animal prints with a touch of rainbows and butterflies. Want more of a mature look? Minted also provides more artistic liberty with its abstract, scenic, and gradient prints. Plus, you can get custom art prints of your pets! How cool is that? 




With Etsy, you can find endless new art decor at great prices. With the site’s specific section titled “Gallery Wall Art,” you’ll see various paintings, including vintage wall art, minimalist examples, travel pieces, abstract geometric art, and many others. 

Etsy offers great prices for various digital prints, and with higher prices, you can pay in monthly installments with Klarna.



 Pick from a variety of great prints with Wayfair’s wall art. You can find art decor for up to 70% ranging from glass art, colorful trees, scenic watercolor looks, and realistic oil paintings. If you’re looking for something other than painted canvases, the site also offers written art decor with various inspiring phrases. 

Whatever print you choose, each one of Wayfair’s paintings will pair well with your space. It’ll feel more homey and cozy than ever before! If you decided to get a Wayfair credit card, you’ll be able to pay for your wall decor in installments that work for you. Pretty art that doesn’t break your bank? It’s an ideal situation. 

What are you waiting for? Liven up your home and catch the wall decor of your dreams before it’s too late!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.