How to Finance Amazon Orders with Abunda


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Shopping on Amazon has put nearly everything I need (or want) just a click away. Amazon makes it so easy to get whatever I desire – whether it’s basic supplies, new furniture, clothes, seasonal items or gifts. The best part is that there are no hassles with parking or getting to a store and not finding what I need. 

Often I end up seeing products that I need, but I’m not sure that I’m ready to pull the trigger on a bigger purchase. I ended up holding off, but going back almost daily and debating with myself – mostly trying to justify making the purchase right now..

However, recently I discovered that I didn’t have to pay for everything all at once and I could break my purchase into manageable payments that were spread over several months.


By shopping through ShopAbunda.com I can find everything I need and split up the payments. Now I don’t have to pay at all once. 

Abunda lets me find items on Amazon and paste the link into the Abunda site and then check out and have the option to buy now and pay later. 

The process is super simple. I also loved that the payment plans were easy to understand. There were no hidden fees and it didn’t mess up the checkout process. In fact it took less than a minute for me to check out. There was an option to select a plan that worked best for me (between 6 to 12 months). I love that doing this didn’t impact my credit score and making the monthly payments was easy.

Because of this option, I’m able to look at making a couple of much-needed bigger purchases that I would previously have had to hold off making.

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