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Backyard Renovation Mistakes That Will Cost You Later On

Backyard Renovation Mistakes That Will Cost You Later On

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If you have a green thumb, it’s hard to wait until the snow melts so that you can start working on your backyard. You want to install a back patio and deck it out in amazing furniture. You want to show off your garden and plant as much as you can. 

These are great ideas, but they can often get ruined if you don’t take some factors into consideration. One small mistake could end up costing you in the future. Find out how you can avoid some renovation mishaps and save yourself a lot of money. 

Mistake #1. Not Grading the Yard

When you’re planning on building a patio in your backyard, you need to remember to grade your home. Grading guarantees that the surface that you’re building on is completely level. 

Failing to do this doesn’t just lead to an imperfect patio. It could cost you thousands of dollars, as it increases your chances of basement flooding, water damage, and foundation depreciation. 

What if it’s too late? An unlevel yard needs to be fixed immediately. You’ll want to talk to the professionals to make sure it gets done right.
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If you’re having trouble covering unexpected consequences of your grading issues, consider a personal line of credit. It’s designed to take care of unexpected emergency expenses like flooding and water damage. Click here to learn basic information like how to request a personal line of credit and how a personal line of credit works. 

Mistake #2. Underestimating Your Garden

You need to think ahead when you’re planting your garden. The shrubs and saplings may be small when you first get started, but soon enough, they’ll get bigger. If you don’t space them out well enough, you could damage your house. 

Shrubs, bushes, and tree branches can creep towards your windows. They can bring moisture toward your house — this is often followed by mold, mildew, insects and other pests. Root systems of aggressive trees can wreck your foundation and push up the steps in your walkways. 

Here are just some types of trees that you should keep out of your yard:

  • Silver Maples
  • Sycamores
  • White Mulberries
  • Southern Magnolias
  • Weeping Willows

Gardening experts recommend planting some trees as much as 100 feet away from your home

Mistake #3. Mistreating Your Patio Furniture

Leaving your expensive patio furniture to weather the elements is not a good idea. Eventually, you’ll start to notice the wear and tear, and realize that you have to buy a brand-new set.

Protect the furniture with a cover or a simple tarp to keep it out of the rain. If you have any seat cushions, store those indoors to keep them smelling fresh and mildew-free. Whenever you want to sit outside, bring the cushions with you.

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One of the easiest ways to save money is to avoid expensive mistakes in the first place. Now that you know these three makeover mistakes, you can make sure that your backyard gets revamped while your wallet stays full.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.