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Filing DIY Taxes With H&R Block and How to Get a Refund Advance

Filing DIY Taxes With H&R Block and How to Get a Refund Advance

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Do you want a stress-free and efficient tax filing process this year? The future of finance is here, and it's sure to solve all your tax prep issues!

H&R Block offers all the tax filing options you need. No matter how you file, you are sure to get the maximum refund including the option of an  advance on your tax refund. 

Let’s take a quick look at the best they have on offer.

What Is H&R Block?

H&R Block is a world leader in tax preparation services. They offer IRS free e-file and a wide range of tax filing tools, financial services, and expert guidance.

H&R Block offers customers the choice between guided DIY taxes or partnering with a tax expert via phone or video. Their tax professionals have many years of experience, and they operate with the belief that everyone deserves tax help without stress or hassle.

What Does H&R Block Offer?

H&R Blocks’ free online tax filing services are perfect for taxpayers with simple returns. You can also opt for deluxe or premium tax filing and access to an actual tax professional on-demand and wherever you need.

Online Tax Filing

Free Packages

What does H&R Block Free include? You can import your W-2 form (Wage and Tax Statement) directly from payroll providers, calculate deductions, report retirement income, get Child Tax Credit (CTC), and Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

You can opt for their Deluxe, Premium, or Self-Employed plans for additional tools to match your specific tax situation. Those with complex tax situations such as Health Savings Accounts (HSA), real estate taxes, mortgage interest, cryptocurrency, and freelance income can benefit significantly.

Tax Software

At $19.95, you can simply download the H&R Block software and get started with your tax prep.

Second Look Review

Need a second look at your past tax returns? H&R can evaluate your tax history to make sure you’re not losing a dollar due to missed credits or deductions.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind is a tax notice service that allows you to leave all your tax correspondence with the IRS to H&R Block. It costs only $40.

Tax Identity Shield

The package costs $19.99 and offers you complete security and restoration for your tax identity.

Audit & Tax Notice Support

Whether filing back tax returns or handling IRS audits, H&R Block experts can take care of it! They will diagnose your issue for free and give you an upfront price for support before getting started.

Expat Tax Services

H&R has a team of expert international tax advisors to help you tackle your U.S. expat taxes. You can file it yourself for $99 or pay $199 to file with an advisor.

H&R Block Financial Services

Their financial services include:


Spruce is a mobile banking platform provided by MetaBank, N.A., Member FDIC.

Emerald Card

The Emerald card is a Prepaid Mastercard that allows you to get payrolls/refunds or make bill payments.

Emerald Savings

There is no saying when an emergency expense might come in handy. With a minimum of $25, you can start an Emerald Savings account and be prepared for those situations.

Emerald Advance

The emerald advance is a yearly access service from H&R Block advance that offers a line of credit for up to $1,000. It is accessible to non-clients and only requires a current pay statement and driver’s license to apply.

The service costs $45 per year and has a 35.9% APR.

Refund Advance

A refund advance is a no-interest loan that is repaid with your tax refund. It can be accessed between January 4 and February 28, 2022.

H&R Block Advance offers a refund advance of up to $3,500 you can receive on the day of your tax filing. The loan amount will be available on the H&R Block Emerald Prepaid Mastercard, which can be used wherever debit cards are accepted.

The refund advance does not affect your credit score and does not incur interest or fees. And you do not have to repay until your refund arrives.

If you meet eligibility requirements, all you need to apply is to e-file a tax return through a participating H&R Block office.


H&R Block can assist with all your financial needs as an individual and even for your small business. From their free DIY tax filing packages to their paid assistance and advance refund services, taxes have never been simpler!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.