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Is Brilliant Earth Legit? – All You Need to Know about this Fine Jewelry Store

Is Brilliant Earth Legit? – All You Need to Know about this Fine Jewelry Store

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Are you soon getting engaged to the love of your life? Looking for a way to mark an occasion with your spouse? For such events, a diamond ring is a must. However, many online sellers claim to provide quality jewelry for various prices. Take the popular brand Brilliant Earth.

Though they offer all sorts of shiny stuff, is Brilliant Earth legit? To solve this dilemma, we scoured the net, looking for honest past user reviews. 

Although the question may have a simple answer, it isn’t of the ‘yes or no’ type. Hence, there are several key aspects you should always keep in mind. So, keep reading the article to get an honest review of Brilliant Earth. Here are our findings.

What Is Brilliant Earth?

Brilliant Earth specializes in creating stunning jewelry and ornaments with diamonds. Over the years, they’ve kept their standards and didn’t resort to scams and sub-par offerings. Instead, they made it a point to never compromise their vision for the brand. As a result, their fanbase grew with each new satisfied customer. 

On top of that, they work hard to preserve tier honest image even in 2022. To that end, they enforce a fair policy by tracking each diamond's origins as well. Hence, they utilize a special blockchain collaboration to ensure the best quality stuff. In that manner, they’ve found a unique solution to protect all parties in this business.

Besides, Brilliant Earth aims to give back to the planet, as its name implies. The company makes an effort to contribute to society and the community by playing a role in cleaning the environment and enforcing eco-friendly measures. Thus, much of their revenue goes for donation purposes. The brand also helps eliminate child labor by providing educational training. 

Such humane principles make Brilliant Earth a leader in this field. At the same time, it prompted many to favor this brand when looking for an engagement ring.

How Does Brilliant Earth Work?

Brilliant Earth offers various styles and patterns when cutting diamonds and makes them from recycled materials. At the same time, they produce attractive carat rates for competitive prices. In other words, they use eco-friendly routes to make pure and dazzling diamonds in their synthetic labs.

Also, they provide a long list of properties regarding each specific model. The listed categories include the diamond’s place of origin, creation date, color, shape, depth, and clarity. So, ensure to ask for this info before finalizing your choice.

The official website is easy to navigate and filters out the diamonds based on any option you choose. This feature offers users a fast way to compare the items and helps them decide what they need. Natural, you can discover which offering comes with the best value for money in this way.

On a related note, if you cannot find one that matches your taste, Brilliant Earth has a system in place to guide you. Thus, you can avail of their detailed customer service to present you with the various types of diamonds.

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Is Brilliant Earth Worth It?

Currently, Brilliant Earth boasts several string points that confirm its high market position. For example, it’s a brand that doubles down on ethics, making sure you can track each diamond’s path to their store. Plus, they offer attractive packages for all foreign customers. 

On a related note, Brilliant Earth is a brand known for the fair treatment of its personnel. Hence, they govern several sources for mining diamonds, meaning they do not run out of materials. That’s why other brands often do business with Brilliant Earth.

Furthermore, given its focus on aiding those in need, the company also has ties with several NGOs. In that manner, they’ve created a network of fair practices that only serves to add to their growth. 

What to Buy?

Brilliant Earth offers free shipping on every purchase you make from their official website. Moreover, it also introduced a return and exchange policy based on customers’ requests. They did so after noticing how often customers mistook their sign size when buying online. Thus, they’ve built this safety net to ensure user satisfaction. Also, you can utilize the 30 days return policy in case you have a change of heart and want something else.

As a result, Brilliant Earth remains a market leader for all the right reasons. In the past 15 years, they’ve built an exemplary method of how to gain value while focusing on ethics. Therefore, their legitimate business model is deserving of anyone's attention.


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