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The Leather Jacket: Ways to Customize It

The Leather Jacket: Ways to Customize It

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Who wants to keep wearing a simple leather jacket every day, without thinking of tuning the monotonous look? It’s an era of customization and we can see loads of fashion garments being modified to suit the needs of newer generations. People are personalizing what they wear to show off their distinct personality, aura, and style.

Many variations and designs of jackets are specially tailored, and same goes for a leather jacket. Men of all ages are seen wearing it in different unique ways, making the use of their creativity to transform their style.

In this blog, we have outlined some of the creative ways to customize a leather jacket.

First, Choose Your Leather Jacket

Leather jackets come in different kinds of materials, types, designs, colors, and sizes. Before deciding to buy one, you need to see which kind of leather jacket suits your needs. Sometimes, people may go with what’s currently in fashion, or they would prioritize their comfort and preference above anything else. Nonetheless, choosing your jacket according to your preference is the first step to customize it.


Animal hides are used to make leather jackets of a variety of types. Most commonly, buffalo or cowhide is used, but one can also opt for elite choices such as choice for sheep, lamb, goats, pigs, horse, goats, and even kangaroo hide. All of these have different types of finish, softness, thickness, and durability, so it all depends on your likeness.

Apart from leather source, you can also choose from different types of leather, such as, Full Grain, Top Grain, Genuine Leather, and Bonded Leather. Among them, Top Grain leather is considered better since it is softer, shinier, durable, and sturdy as compared to other types.

Lining and Right Fit

If you wish to wear your leather jacket in summers or springs, choose taffeta, cotton, and poly-cotton as lining. However, for winters and autumns, sherpa, faux fur, and wool- blend linings are more appropriate. As long as fitting is concerned, you need to be extra careful on this aspect. While baggy jackets are one thing, you don’t want your leather to look loose, unfit, and inconsistent with your body type.

Style and Color Preference

This is where we can see a myriad of possibilities! There is not only one style of classic leather jacket that we can see everywhere. The designs are plenty to choose from, for example, if you want to have a classy old pilot-like vibe, choose a bomber or aviator jacket. If not, look like a punk biker and get your grunge impression with a Biker leather jacket. Or, if you want to look sporty and energetic, invest in a varsity leather jacket. You can also choose a casual style for an everyday look with a suede field jacket.

Black is the most common yet tasteful color, which almost goes with every other color. Other than that, camel, white, beige, and dark brown is also very much in style. However, if you are looking for a more vibrant look in order to customize it well, choose brighter colors like navy, red, olive green, maroon, gray, or even neon colors.

Now, It’s Time For Customization!

Custom jackets can easily be found, since many manufacturers give you that option of make to order. You can choose your design, style, color, type, fit, and lining, and rock your unique persona. However, here are few ways you can DIY your leather jacket as well:

Paint Your Jacket

Painting your leather jacket could be one of the easiest ways to transform it. There are many boho, ethnic, gothic, biker, abstract, and contemporary prints you can try painting on your leather jacket and become a badass in no time!

You can use fabric paints or acrylics that are more suitable for a leather fabric. For added finishing, you can buy ready-made stencils to make your work way easier.

Dye It

Dip-dyes and tie & dyes are very popular these days, so you can totally adopt this trend for customizing your leather jacket. Nothing goes wrong when you incorporate a little color with your standard black or brown leather jackets.

Dying could be tricky, but you can watch so many tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest, where people have mentioned step-by-step guides about how to mix colors, dye your jacket, and dry it properly.

Vinyl Decals and Embroidery

While the trend is more common with girls, men can also try decals on the back of their leather jackets. It could be anything, such as their names, the sports’ team they belong to, quotes they abide by, prints they like, or stylish patterns. Embroidery can similarly be done anywhere on your jacket, but you need to make sure it’s minimal and suits the design of your leather jacket.


Embellished leather jackets can also give the oomph men deserve in their boring outfits. A little fur, studs, or tassels could be a few ways you can decorate your leather jacket easily and without much mess.

Patch or Cut It

A little patch below the elbow or a few cuts here and there would never harm your leather jacket. To have a streety feel, you need to go with the trend sometimes. Ribbed garments may seem outdated, but when incorporated in a leather jacket, they look quite cool.


You can never go wrong with a leather jacket if you wish to remain stylish regardless of the weather or event you are attending. Men’s fashion trends keep on changing and a new variety of garments are coming into the market. However, what never really stopped being an epitome of grace and flair is a leather jacket.

We have outlined some of the easiest and trendiest ways to customize a leather jacket for men. Besides choosing the right kind of jacket, which should be the first step, you can do a lot of DIYs with your leather jacket. Just try on the above-give ideas, and we are sure you will become popular for your exclusive bravura within your circle.

Image Source: The Jacket Maker

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.