Kitchen Organization: Advice Every Mom Should Know!

Kitchen Organization: Advice Every Mom Should Know!

In most family homes, the kitchen is considered to be the ‘heart’ of the place. Why? Because it is where everyone comes together to talk about their day while sipping a mug of coffee or a glass of juice, it’s where the family eats, and where all the meals are prepared and cooked. The kitchen may not be as comfortable as the living room, but in most family homes it is the hub.

Of course, being a space that gets a lot of use from the entire family, it is easy for your kitchen to fall into a state of mess and clutter. The problem with having a messy or cluttered kitchen is that the mess can impact how much you enjoy being in the space, in addition to how practical the room is for your family.

Bearing that in mind, when it comes to your family kitchen, it is vital that it is an organized and mess-free space. The good news is that creating a kitchen that is easy to keep in order and runs seamlessly is less stressful than you would think. It’s just a case of taking the time to put steps in place that will help to ensure that your kitchen remains organized no matter what.

As a mom, you probably struggle to keep your kitchen in perfect order. Don’t worry if this is the case because you are not alone – 95 percent of moms report struggling to keep on top of the housework and organization of the home. The good news is that there are plenty of useful storage and organization hacks that can be used to ensure that your kitchen remains mess and clutter-free at all times.

Below are some organization ideas that should help to make the process of keeping your kitchen in order, a slightly easier task.

Use pocket organizers on cupboard doors

Buy an inexpensive over-door shoe organizer or two, cut them down and hang them on your kitchen cupboard doors. These can be used to store sponges and cleaning products, cooking ingredients, and any utensils that you struggle to store elsewhere in the kitchen.

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Repurpose magazine holders

Do you have any old magazine holders knocking around your home? These can be used as a simple yet effective storage option for on the back of your cupboard doors. You can use these to store all sorts in, from kitchen foil and saran wrap to table sauces. All that is needed is some double-sided tape to stick them to the back of each door.

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Invest in rolling boxes

For under the sink, and in any cupboards that constantly end up in a mess, invest in boxes that are on wheels. These can be placed in these cabinets, neatly filled with essentials, from cleaning products to plates, cups and pots and pans, and rolled in and out when the items are needed. Whether these boxes are wooden or cardboard it doesn’t matter – what is essential is that the boxes are sturdy and fit for use.

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Add bars to the sides of your cabinets

Is the surface area of the sides of your cabinets going to waste? Why not have metal bars installed on them, so that you can use these to hang your cooking utensils from them? Not a fan of metal bars? How about hooks or what about a magnetic strip for hanging metal utensils from?

Install mini shelves

If you lack space for storing cups and glasses, installing mini shelves in unused corners of the room could be a great addition to your kitchen’s storage space. These mini shelves will most definitely beat a mug tree any day of the week, making them a worthwhile investment.

Organize your fridge

Regardless of how large your fridge is, if it is not well organized, it will not be practical. Whether you have just bought a new fridge from AJMadison or you have an older refrigerator in place, it doesn’t matter. What is important is that you know how to utilize the space that you have. Having plastic baskets on each shelf that pull out, can work well as a storage system. As can using mini baskets that hook underneath the shelves, instead of sitting on top of them.

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Stack your pots and pans

To make it easier to find the pan that you need, investing in a pan stacking system for your cupboard could work well. By stacking your pans, you can make it easier to store them, as well as easier to find the pan that you need more quickly when cooking.

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Invest in a dividing file rack

To keep your baking trays in order and out of the way, investing in a dividing file rack could be the answer. It’s amazing how popping a simple file divider into one of your kitchen cupboards could make such a huge difference to how organized your kitchen looks and feels. It is the little things that make the biggest difference when it comes to household organization.

Purchase a kitchen cart

If you have the room for a kitchen cart, investing in one could be a godsend. This mini kitchen on wheels can hold all manner of items, from cooking utensils and pots and pans to baking books and plates. You can wheel it around your kitchen, as and when you need to. It can also act as additional counter space, should you require it.

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Have a peg board put up

Got a spare area of kitchen wall that is unused? Then why not have a pegboard installed so that you can use this area of wall to hang additional items that have nowhere else to go? You can choose to invest in a colored piece of pegboard or a plain one – there are various options, so there is sure to be a design that’s a perfect fit for your kitchen’s color and design.

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The truth is that keeping a family kitchen neat, tidy and clutter-free is no easy task. However, by utilizing the storage hacks above, you can give yourself a fighting chance of having a kitchen that is easier to keep in order.

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