Tips to Upgrade your Kitchen to Make it Look More Expensive

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Tips To Upgrade Your Kitchen to Make It Look More Expensive

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms of any household. Some members of the family may be spending a lot of time in this place every day making delicious food for their entire family. The place must be inviting enough to make you feel happy and cheerful while you work. You may have visited your friend’s house and was left in awe seeing their perfectly arranged modular kitchen and wanted one for yourself. However, your budget may not permit you and anyway why will you bear unnecessary costs to make your kitchen beautiful when you can easily do it yourself with some handy tips?


Lights can make a huge difference to any room. Bright and sober lightening will brighten up and make your kitchen look expensive in no time. Incandescent lights will give your kitchen a soft, warm yellowish glow which is very soothing for the eye. You can install a chandelier in the ceiling for a grand look.

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Utensils and accessories

Gold colored utensils give a rich look to your kitchen and are a great addition to make your kitchen look expensive at cheap prices. Professional looking knives are impressive to look at and are useful at the same time. You can check out different kinds of knives from websites like Knifeista.Com.

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Covered shelves

Open shelves with condiments, vegetables, and the like, look cheap. You can upgrade your kitchen shelves by adding doors to your shelves. Buy them in soft colors see the entire look of your kitchen change.

Decorate with Nature

A little symbol of nature inside your kitchen will add freshness to it and also will elevate your mood. You can choose from lily, jasmine, mint, as they purify the air and also have a nice smell. If you want something of low maintenance, then cactus is the best option.

Add class with copper

Copper is beautiful and classy to look at. You can use copper water bottles which can keep water colder and hence using them is much better than drinking cold water straight out of the fridge.

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Marble wallpaper looks wonderfully classy. You do not need to have marble walls, you can just paste marble wallpapers on the walls to entirely change the look of your kitchen and impart some richness.

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Install a chimney

Walls stained with oil are unpleasant to look at. A silver colored chimney looks chic and also prevents the walls from getting stained and dirty. It is a lifetime investment so make sure you buy it from a branded company.

De-clutter and paint

If you are truly low on budget then the best way to make your kitchen look great is by de-cluttering and organizing everything into jars, and then painting the kitchen. You can create an accent wall by adding some bright colors to one wall of the kitchen. Add a simple framed artwork and voila you have a designer kitchen!

These were some of the tips to create a fabulous kitchen within your budget. Your kitchen should be a place where you can unwind and enjoy making delicious food. So follow the tips and create the kitchen of your dreams today!

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