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Men’s Guide: 5 Ways to Wear a Men’s Bomber Jacket

Men’s Guide: 5 Ways to Wear a Men’s Bomber Jacket

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The leather jacket is the first item that comes to mind when thinking of men's statement wear. In addition to exuding a tough aura, bomber jackets are simple to style, making them the top option for stylish men all over the world.

With that being said, the outerwear that has been the most impactful amongst all men is the bomber jacket. Since its inception in the military, the bomber jacket has advanced significantly, transitioning from the fashion runway to one that is more focused on daily basis wear. This wardrobe essential, which was designed for fighter pilots, is now worn by every man and woman, including laymen, influencers, and stars. However, the design of the jacket itself has altered considerably in the same way as time and fashion sense have changed. The bomber continuously reinvents itself from vented cotton renditions to high end, fine leather Varsity jackets.

One could believe that the only appropriate way to wear a bomber jacket and polo shirt is over a pair of trousers. But no, there are many other ways in which you can style a bomber jacket. In fact, you can style a bomber jacket over almost anything that you wear. So, here we have a style guide for you where we are going to talk about the five ways in which you can wear a men’s bomber jacket. Gents, without further ado, let us look at the styles!

1. Summer Day Casuals

Summers are meant to be carefree and casual, when summer arrives you just want to soak in the sun and run to the beach. However, that being said, not everyone knows how they can dress up for a certain season. Well, if you are someone who loves to wear bomber jackets then take them out of your wardrobe as you can utilize them in the summers too.

If you have a light material bomber jacket then you can pair it with a basic slim fit tee, and there is nothing better than to wear denim shorts with it. Slide on white sneakers with your basic outfit and your look is done. Put on sun shades and you are ready to run your daily errands or just go on a walk by the seashore in the evening or maybe stay at home and call friends over. This basic casual look is all about comfort and style at the same time, thus you can never go wrong with it.

2. Opting For Neutral Tones

You don't have to choose bold colors all the time when it comes to picking an outfit. Sometimes events and places require you to opt for neutral outfits. It is not just about the place or the event, sometimes you need some other type of outfit decisions for the day. So you can pick out hues of blue, off-white, cream, or even brown.

With that being said, you can opt for off-white cotton pants and pair them with a hand knitted sweater, if you are dressing up on a winter day. Layer on a camel brown suede jacket and wear matching sneakers with your look. This look is surely minimal but it would be something out of the box for many people and suitable to be worn on a lot of days.

3. Business Casual Look

A daily office should not be boring with the same pants with a different button down shirt every day, guys spice up your looks a little; even your workplace requires you to put in some effort for yourself. Take out solid dark colored chinos or khakis, even checkered pants would do, and tuck in a light colored formal button down shirt.

Put on a knitted sweater over your shirt, or if not, you can just secure a tie. Look for a solid colored bomber jacket that matches your pants, wear it on. Finish your look by wearing loafers, put on your sunshades, and do not forget to wear a cool watch. This outfit would be both attractive and classy. Wear it to work, meetings, or even semi formal parties, it is going to be perfect.

4. All Black Outfit

When you do not know what to wear, wear black! In fact, that should be a mantra. When nothing seems to fix, go for a black outfit, wear black everything and the outfit will automatically start to make sense. So, throw together black skinny jeans, a black t-shirt, and black sneakers. To tie the look together and give yourself that alluring look, slide on a black bomber jacket.

However, if you think you need a tiny change, you can also change the tone from black and take it to gray. There, you have a complete look that is comfortable, exclusive, and stylish. Sir, you are ready to go out!

5. Old School Varsity Look

We all love the old school teenager look and we cannot stop adding it to our daily life looks. If you want to have the vintage look back, take out baggy high waisted denim jeans from your closet, put on a hoodie over them, and go for an oversized varsity jacket with your outfit. For your footwear, Nike Air is a great fit.


Because the bomber jacket is a timeless piece of clothing, every man should own one. The traditional jacket is fashionable and versatile, arriving in a variety of styles to fit different occasions. If you want something to keep you warm during the winter or maybe a statement piece to complete casual outfits, the bomber jacket is the answer. Because they are such a timeless wardrobe essential, bomber jackets essentially never go out of style. It's the ideal investment for the long run.

So, this was all from our side, this was the guide that is going to help you style your bomber jacket in multiple different ways. However, these 5 styles are not all, you can always step outside the box and look for something new and how a bomber jacket is going to suit you in multiple ways.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.