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Moving to Dubai: Key Benefits

Moving to Dubai: Key Benefits

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Dubai is a dynamically developing metropolis with a strong economy, comfortable conditions for business, and an extensive housing market. Luxury apartments in The Crescent for sale captivate with a combination of luxury and incredible practicality. This is especially true of new-generation apartments in ultra-tech residential complexes. A source from AX Capital will tell you more about the features of new premium housing.

5 Reasons to Buy an Apartment in Dubai 

Many appreciate the region for its climatic conditions. Even in winter, the temperature does not fall below 23 degrees. Also among the reasons for buying an apartment in Dubai are:

  1. The quality of life. The metropolis has everything you need for a comfortable existence, from a developed entertainment sector to high-quality medicine.
  2. Transport accessibility. The region's geographical location is convenient; you can get anywhere in the world.
  3. System of taxation. Moving to Dubai is beneficial due to the lack of property taxes.
  4. Economic stability. The local exchange rate does not depend on the dollar, so there is no upward trend in the prices of necessary items.
  5. Safety is no less important. Crime in the UAE is practically eradicated. It introduced a ban on the use of alcohol for local citizens, as well as harsh penalties for breaking the law.

Features of the Visa Regime

A residence visa is enough to move to Dubai. In the UAE, it is issued automatically when purchasing real estate or conducting commercial activities. Also, a resident visa is available for pensioners or students of educational institutions in the state.

How Much Does an Apartment in Dubai Cost?

For citizens of foreign countries in the UAE, it is possible to purchase an apartment in one of the areas allowed for this. There is a clear list of places where real estate is acquired in ownership. In other areas, when moving to Dubai, a long-term rental service is available with the subsequent transfer of the right to it to other persons; however, this option is less profitable.

The cost of housing is directly related to the location and area. The highest prices for luxury villas and housing are in the central part of the city; however, actively developing development allows you to find an option for any budget.

Breakthrough Into the Future – New Apartments for Sale in Dubai

Branded (service) apartments in Dubai are the next stage in developing the residential sector in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, which is currently a trend among luxury property buyers. One of the brightest representatives of objects with service apartments is The Royal Atlantis from the famous developer Kerzner International. This company has long established itself as an expert in creating an authentic atmosphere of luxury and comfort.

In the future, the government of the Emirate, according to the Master Plan for 2040, plans to increase the number of green spaces in the city several times, make public spaces as comfortable as possible for staying during the daytime, transform the housing stock by rebuilding new buildings using modern technologies, and increase the population of Dubai in 2 times. The new project of Kerzner promises to become a new symbol of a prosperous Dubai.

Project Features

The project is located on one of the most picturesque locations in Dubai – on the man-made island of Palm Jumeirah, not far from the Palm Jumeirah Rd highway, which passes through the “trunk” of the palm tree and connects Dubai and the island. Investors wishing to buy an apartment in Dubai in The Royal Atlantis project can enjoy stunning sandy and scenic beaches.

Renowned designers from New York are designing the impressive infinity pool. In addition, a stylish lounge area will be located in the complex at a height of 90 meters, where residents can enjoy gorgeous views.

The complex will operate an individual 5-star service: apartment cleaning, car delivery, organization of transfers to the airport, and organization of events. French designers are engaged in interiors in an elite residential complex.

Particular attention will be paid to gastronomy. The complex will employ chefs from all over the world who will manage the restaurants.

This residential project marks a new stage in developing one of the most popular resort areas in Dubai and the world. After the completion and commissioning of the project, residents and guests of the Emirate will have more opportunities for an unforgettable vacation.

How to Buy Flats in Dubai With Cryptocurrency

Before buying apartments in Dubai with cryptocurrency, you need to find companies that successfully work with this technology. First, a company offering services of this kind must have an impeccable reputation and an appropriate license from the Dubai Economic Department to provide intermediary financial operations.

To pay for an apartment in Dubai, you can choose any digital currency convenient for you. The cost of the transaction will be determined based on the current exchange rate.

Purchase Process

If you are already an e-wallet holder, a real estate agency in Dubai selects a property for sale in Dubai that meets your tastes and needs, and then all the terms of the transaction are discussed, which will later be fixed in the contract. After the object is found, its value in UAE dirhams is converted into the cryptocurrency you need, after which the amount is also fixed in the contract. The seller and the buyer are not responsible for possible exchange rate fluctuations.

Next, the buyer transfers the commission from his digital wallet to the company's wallet, after which he is issued a check to make a transfer to the name of the owner of the object (for objects in operation) or an escrow account (if you chose to buy off-plan projects in Dubai).

An object from the developer: it is necessary to sign a special contract form for payment by a third party. The receipt of payment is transferred to the developer, and the buyer receives a notification about the successful transfer of the amount.

Ready property: pay for your apartment or villa with a check in UAE dirhams.

Who Can Help You Choose a Property in Dubai?

You can get acquainted with the possible options right from home. You don't have to leave the country to find accommodation to move to Dubai. The website of AX CAPITAL presents current announcements from developers and homeowners, and you can find out the pricing policy and the benefits of specific objects in real time.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.