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Navigating 3 of the Most Stressful Household Purchases

Navigating 3 of the Most Stressful Household Purchases

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Let’s face it, you’ve probably been putting off purchasing necessary household items even though you are in desperate need of a new mattress, refrigerator, efficiency upgrades, and the like. Understandably, these kinds of purchases are a lot of work due to the overall cost, commitment, and literal heavy lifting.

Trying to navigate the rough waters of salespeople, research, and how to dispose of your old, worn-out stuff can all quickly become stressful. There is hope though. Today, the process for obtaining these important household purchases is getting easier and easier, and with enough patience, you’ll save yourself a lot of frustration.

Avoiding the Mattress Store

Before you brave the nearest mattress store in your neighborhood, consider purchasing your mattress through an online service. Wait, before you roll your eyes at me, listen to what the experts at Mattress Advisor have to say: “You can’t really tell if a mattress is right for you without testing it out for a while. We’re talking like 30 days. So while you can feel a mattress and wiggle around on it for a few minutes in a mattress store, you’re not really getting the full experience anyway.” So, as they point out, you might be inclined to avoid online services for your next mattress purchase because you’d much rather prefer trying it out before taking the plunge (I get it — mattresses are expensive!). Consider this, though: Ordering your mattress online will likely save you money and time while still delivering on that crucial comfort.

While not all online mattresses are created equally, a lot of these services provide you with a 30-day trial period — sometimes even longer. Many of them will also provide free return shipping if you happen to decide that it’s not for you within that time period. You might be thinking at this point, “who has the time and energy to keep hauling and assembling mattresses?” Even if you end up having to try a few different online mattress services, the setup is much different than you’re probably used to.

For example, mattresses like Leesa and Tuft & Needle arrive to your doorstep compressed nicely in a box. All you really have to do is carry the box to the desired bedroom, open it up and pull the condensed mattress out and watch with amazement as it slowly comes to life. Perhaps that’s not the coolest party trick, but it’s still worth watching. It’s also worth mentioning that some companies will even haul away your old mattress for a small fee, which saves you more time and effort.

Efficiency Upgrades

You already know the benefits of improving your home to be more energy efficient — now you’ve got to track down the right people to get the best deal for your budget. New windows, solar panels, and water heaters all involve hunting down and speaking with multiple services, trying to decide which one will be perfect for your home. You’re likely upgrading your home to save money (and help the environment), but the overall cost can seem scary. Where do you even begin? Researching your local options will be the most time consuming, but definitely the most beneficial for your budget. It’d be worth finding someone who can help you with multiple upgrades at once as well, and don’t be afraid to get quotes from multiple businesses either.

If you are wanting to install solar panels, for instance, which can be quite pricey upfront, experts at Eco Energy Services explain, “prices will vary based on your location due to a variety of factors…No matter which state you live in, though, the Energy Policy Act of 2005 makes it so that individuals receive a 30 percent federal tax credit.” Furthermore, not only will the federal government give you a tax credit for installing energy efficient improvements, but your state and city will too, not to mention a variety of other incentives and rebates. So although the initial installation fee of say, eco-friendly turf or solar panels might send a shiver down your spine, the money you’ll save overtime (plus those tax breaks) will eventually put that money back in your pocket and you’ll be doing the environment a huge favor.

New Appliances

Whether it’s a new refrigerator, dishwasher, or stove (or all of those at once), you’ll likely be spending big bucks to replace those much-needed appliances. However, while it can be frustrating dealing with a fridge that can barely keep your milk cool, timing your purchases right will help you save big time. And I’m not just talking about Black Friday.

Many retailers have reduced prices depending when you walk into their store. So when exactly should you consider going in? Fiscal Tiger recommends doing so during the months of September, October, and January as perfectly good appliances are on sale thanks to newer models entering the market. If you are unable to wait till then, Fiscal Tiger also suggests purchasing appliances near the end of the month since store quotas are approaching and prices get marked down to get more product moving. If you are in dire need of a new appliance, then at the very least, wait and go in on a Thursday as retailers are twice as likely to reduce their prices on Thursdays. Waiting certainly pays off when purchasing appliances so consider going in on upgrades before the situation becomes urgent.

Navigating important household purchases can feel overwhelming financially and mentally. If you can spare the time to research, read reviews, and have plenty of patience, the overall process will be less draining on you and your wallet. Good luck!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.